Thursday, July 12, 2018

Water leaks from underground pipelines at Garacharma Junior Engineer assures rectification in two days

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, May 04: This is high time to get together to conserve water in our islands to survive some more days in view of shortage of water in dams and still a long time left for monsoon rains to hit this year. In this connection, of course the general public must give their contribution towards water conservation by limiting their usage and by avoiding water overflow at homes and commercial places. Similarly, it is also the responsibility of APWD and Municipal Council to provide proper maintenance and checkup to the pipelines lying underground.
For instance, pictures show the leakage from underground pipe lines at Garacharma Junction, Garacharma Medical and Garacharma to Attam Pahad way. In these areas the days on which water is supplied, people witness leakage of water from underground pipelines flowing on to the roads.
If these underground pipelines were checked properly and leakages repaired on time, the water scarcity situations in islands can be averted and sufficient water can be conserved. In view of hot summer and drought like situations increasing year by year, the authorities should set a special strategy to face the summers in future. Also authorities should keep an eye on domestic and commercial pipe connections.
Speaking to this correspondent, the Junior Engineer, Water Treatment Plant, APWD, Prothrapur, Shri Rakesh Kumar said ‘these leakages will be rectified in two days, we have already directed the concern contractor to rectify it but due to the engagement of hitachi in other places it is taking little time. The leakages of pipelines are in our knowledge and we are making continuous efforts for its rectification on time”.

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