Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tale of American visitor John Allen Chau still a mystery; After thorough investigation can find facts; call for more alert to prevent the repetition of outsiders entering off bound Islands: Chairman (NCST)

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Dec 05: The Chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST), Nand Kumar Sai has desired the Andaman & Nicobar Administration, security agencies and also the general public to be more alert to prevent the repetition of outsiders entering the off bound islands in Andaman & Nicobar archipelago.
The Chairman (NCST), Nand Kumar Sai, referring to the latest incident of John Allen Chau, an American visitor to the islands managed to enter North Sentinel Andaman where he was allegedly killed by the Sentinelese tribals on Nov 17, 2018 is became an internationally a top news story. The Chairman (NCST) said, a constitutional body to safeguard the interests of the tribes all over the country, has taken the matter very seriously.
The Chairman (NCST) addressing a press conference on Dec 04, 2018 in the conference hall of Secretariat said, the incident with John Allen Chau till now is based on statement of fishermen only, who were allegedly witnessed the entire episode, which says, he was come to the islands earlier too, he was a priest, etc. But, it is still not known about the purpose of the John Allen Chau to enter into the North Sentinel Island; is any residents of these islands entertaining foreigners in such matters; whether he is alive or died is yet unclear. He said that the in-evident fishermen cannot be trusted completely especially in this sensitive matter. Till now the case is running like a story, only after thorough investigation the factual things will come out.
Therefore, the Commission has directed the investigating agencies to make a grass-root level investigation in this matter, and directed the DGP to investigate the views in the international newspapers publication also. It is further has been directed the police to submit complete report as soon as possible on the entire episode.
Let apart this, Chairman (NCST) further said, our country as well as A&N Islands is now become a centre of worth in world countries, hence it needs to be more alert in protection of tribes, especially primitive tribes in the Islands. The Administration here is all set to prevent the repetition of such incidents in future," he announced.
Chairman (NCST) has observed that, some among various tribes in the islands are performing well in education and reaching their goals in different professions, in view of this the Commission also suggests to setting up a Cloistral University in these islands for education and development of the tribal communities here.
He further informed that, as per views from prominent social workers and NGOs, as in states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Orissa the Governor has the rights to make decision for the welfare of tribal communities in the shape of education subsidy and preference in govt. services etc. likewise it is suggested that the Lt. Governor here in this UT should be given the right to make decisions for the welfare of tribals in the islands, it was also informed to the Lt. Governor here in his reply he said Ok if any provision exists then.
Replying to scribes in the press conference, we have got suggestions from Fishermen Associations, Social Works and NGOs regarding RAP and will take final decisions on RAP after reviews meeting soon.
It is also bring to the notice of Chairman (NSTC) in the press conference that, "the tribes 'Great Andamanese' are being shifting to other islands and they are not getting sufficient commodities from the administration". And another tribes 'Shompen' in Great Nicobar in population approx 240, despite being disconnect to civilized society they have been given voting right. Is this correct? if so upto which extent?  
The Chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST), Nand Kumar Sai, in his reply said, the tribes are connected to nature and should not be separated without their permission, further noted down the queries raised by scribes and assured to look into the matter. He said, one can call our NCST through phone or send in web postal regarding such information, if such anything happens with them. The National Scheduled Tribes Commission will take strict action and the Commission is ready to take up matters for the welfare of tribals, he added.

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