Thursday, July 12, 2018

Students overloaded buses in Islands; matter of grave concern

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, July 11: The department of traffic police officials and state transport authority office may have claimed their concern for traffic rules and travel safety norms but when it comes to practice of overloading the buses with school students, it seems they are least concerned.
Stuffed in the buses like birds in a poultry farm, some school students are also foisted to stand in the window and are generally seen hanging half in the air.
The warning issued by the STS to heavy trucks, medium goods vehicles to refrain from overload, and recent warning to the two wheeler drivers and the pillion riders to wear helmets, but it has failed to take note of the buses that double up its capacity, especially private buses in the morning and afternoon as students are literally packed like sardines.
The traffic police, soon after the Supreme Court's mandatory direction for the pillion riders to wear helmets, have now swung into action to enforce wearing of helmets by the pillion riders too in the islands, busily.
However, the 'bullet buses' in our islands, starts the day with race to beat one another; drivers try to overtake one another for that extra buck which put the common man's lives in danger especially in the wake of poor roads, narrow lanes and school timings.
"A simple counselling for these errant drivers could be handy to calm their nerves, said an old man standing at a road side by watching a fully packed bus passes through in a lightning speed. Another passer by suggest that surprise raids should be made on the running buses, the passengers should enforce the drivers not to exceed the speed limit and the conductor not permit beyond capacity."
In contrast, it has also been observed that the public or govt buses even in the peak hours ply their buses empty or without passengers, since their job is to finish regular given sorties of the department.
Efforts to solicit comments from the Director (STA) and Dy.SP (Traffic) on the issue over their respective official phones were unattended.
The danger is looming large if caution is not exercised, especially in bad road condition coupled with ever increasing traffic may jeopardise the precious lives.

Poem: A Time of Truth

DRMs and Unemployment problem; a setback for islands' evolution Youths expecting LG's attention

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, June 14: These days the Daily Rated Mazdoors (DRMs), working in various departments in the A&N islands are facing tough time concerning their job regularization. Obviously, the youths serving since years together under concern department as DRMs are now finds themselves locked in the social order.
"Most of the youths who are serving as DRMs in various departments are became age barred to apply for any jobs vacancies, and others from ground of mechanical, electrical and civil skilled DRMs are has to face dissatisfaction in applying for jobs other than their related skills. Secondly, most of the DRMs are married, and some among them are having young children too. In addition, the market inflation in the islands is also not letting them be calm, and circumstances forces them for agitation against their job regularization", an aware citizen of Delanipur said.
"The Heads of the concern Departments also with the want of works be done in the respective departments are extending the DRMs tenure up to an unending period by fractions. However, the concern departments assures to sort-out DRMs issues. The DRMs and Unemployment problems in the islands are badly effecting the development of these islands", the citizen added.
The former Lt. Governor, A&N Islands, Lt. Gen AK Singh (Retd.) has directed the Secretary (Personnel) to expedite the recruitment process for filling up vacant posts in various departments of the Administration on June 17, 2016. He has directed that these vacancies should be filled up in a gradual manner. As many as 4127 posts including group A, B(G), B(NG) and group C posts are lying vacant in various departments of the Administration, said a release on June 17, 2016.
Moreover, the former Lt. Governor, Lt Gen AK Singh (Retd) while speaking at the closing ceremony of the 67th Vanmahotsava celebrations held at Tagore Auditorium at Middle Point on August 04, 2016 referring to the unemployment problem in the islands, the Lt. Governor mentioned that "the Govt. cannot provide employment to all as the govt. jobs are limited and he called upon the younger generation to develop the spirit of free enterprise. With the inception of undersea cable, the Administration will be able to provide platforms in every field for the Islanders to prosper". The Lt. Governor urged the students to work hard to realise their dreams and assured that the Administration will create environment and atmosphere where they will be able to flourish.
But, the number of educated unemployment youths are increasing year by year and employment opportunities seems less in comparison to the huge number of pass outs from different education institutions in the islands, and the OFC cable project also seems far at distance to witness the day of opportunities for unemployed youths.
Now, the youths are highly expecting from the exceptional Lt. Governor, A&N Islands, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, who always strives for the welfare of the islanders to unlock some projects for employment generation for the benefit of the working DRMs and educated unemployed youths of these islands.

Airlines in the Air: Islanders on the Ground People demands justified airfares

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, May 16: Airfare for to and fro Port Blair touches sky high, most of the poor islanders counting stars during vacations in islands as the air fare locked them here.
Every year during summer vacations the Islands' populace at large numbers use to attend their mainland viz. Chennai, Kolkata, Vizag, Delhi, etc. and for obvious reasons Ships and Flights tickets are found to be on demand these seasons. Despite the operation of 3 ships and 3 charter flights in Chennai, Kolkata, Vizag sectors the demand cannot be seen sufficient. About 16 flights (including chartered flight) flying for the Veer Savarkar Air Port, Port Blair each day, among them 7 for Chennai, 5 for Kolkata and 4 for other destinations.
The usual airfares are always at sky high during much needed times from Port Blair to Chennai. Whereas the airfare for far Bangkok from Chennai is found much lower than the price of Port Blair to Chennai sector per person. (Calendar fare of May 2018, Port Blair to Chennai and Chennai to Bangkok can be seen in screen shot pic)
Ironically, the areal air distance between Port Blair and Chennai is 1303 km, and from Chennai to Bangkok located beyond Andaman is at 2196 Km distant. But, the airlines flying for Port Blair is seems have pledged to loot the islanders, no matter what. Despite they get subsidized fuel in the islands, islanders never seen any justified airfare during past several years.
A wholesale shop owner in city, who frequently use to go Chennai by air, alleges that, "the flights which are landing here are flying back with full tank subsidized fuel, in return islander gets all time high fares compared to other national and international destinations. Making groups and booking series of seat in flights by some travel agencies might be a reason for high airfares, and the airlines in nexus with the travel agencies doesn't letting the fares down to normal, regardless to, even if it flew with few passengers, as a new proverb of these days and time 'Everything is fair in Love and Business' goes on in our islands."
However, people demand the intervention of concern authorities to justify the fare issues of airlines flying to Port Blair.

Buniyadabad Multipurpose Hall useless for public PBMC allows no functions inside

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Mar 30: The Multipurpose Hall at Buniyadabad is turning into a unique monument as still it is left for display purpose only instead of multipurpose use for the residents of the area since its completion.
The Multipurpose hall in Ward No. 8, Buniyadabad has been in a ready condition for 3 years now after its inauguration on 14th August, 2015 by Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, PCC President in the presence of Shri M. Arumugam the then Chairperson, PBMC and Shri K. Ganeshan, Chairperson, F.T.A. Sub-Committee PBMC. But it has been left as a monument without any proper use for the people of the area. The Port Blair Municipal Council is not allowing people to arrange any functions in this community hall.
The people of the area are celebrating special occasions as Birthdays, Sankranti, wedding receptions, etc. in the playground despite having a ready Multipurpose Community Hall at Buniyadabad. But this building fully comes into use only during elections as Polling Booth.
“The authorities should not let the public property rot under useless condition. The construction of a Multipurpose Hall Building is a matter of crores, which cannot be misused, at least not as a tombstone. The guarantee of a new building structure is approx 30 years and this hall has already completed its 3 years without any public use. Moreover the PBMC has deputed a watchman for the community hall, whose deployment is also a bad deal with the public money,” people say.
Speaking to this correspondent, Shri K. Ganeshan, Councilor (Ward No. 8) said, “A legal case on this Community hall is under process in the court and court has issued an order that we are following.”

Water leaks from underground pipelines at Garacharma Junior Engineer assures rectification in two days

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, May 04: This is high time to get together to conserve water in our islands to survive some more days in view of shortage of water in dams and still a long time left for monsoon rains to hit this year. In this connection, of course the general public must give their contribution towards water conservation by limiting their usage and by avoiding water overflow at homes and commercial places. Similarly, it is also the responsibility of APWD and Municipal Council to provide proper maintenance and checkup to the pipelines lying underground.
For instance, pictures show the leakage from underground pipe lines at Garacharma Junction, Garacharma Medical and Garacharma to Attam Pahad way. In these areas the days on which water is supplied, people witness leakage of water from underground pipelines flowing on to the roads.
If these underground pipelines were checked properly and leakages repaired on time, the water scarcity situations in islands can be averted and sufficient water can be conserved. In view of hot summer and drought like situations increasing year by year, the authorities should set a special strategy to face the summers in future. Also authorities should keep an eye on domestic and commercial pipe connections.
Speaking to this correspondent, the Junior Engineer, Water Treatment Plant, APWD, Prothrapur, Shri Rakesh Kumar said ‘these leakages will be rectified in two days, we have already directed the concern contractor to rectify it but due to the engagement of hitachi in other places it is taking little time. The leakages of pipelines are in our knowledge and we are making continuous efforts for its rectification on time”.