Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tour Operators’ proposed ‘Chakka Jam’ may affect the whole, as demands remain unmet

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, Aug 01: The Island Tourism Federation (ITF) staged a peaceful mass rally, the rally started from Marina Park and concluded at Tourism Department Office. More than 3000 rallyists were participated the march in support of their 16 points charter demands.
As per reliable sources, the Andaman Association of Tour Operators (AATO) President, M. Vinod along with some members have met with the Chief Secretary and discussed about the problems faced by tourism industry, but the Chief Secretary left the meeting midway and the other concerned officers were almost tight-lipped, and their only response was the routine "will look into".
After all endeavours, the Island Tourism Federation is deciding to join the 'Chakka Jam' called by Baratang Tourist Fiber-boat Owners Association (BTFOA) on Aug 04, 2018. The Federation might decide upon Andaman Bandh the same day after discussing it with all the stakeholders in the Islands.

Congress launches fresh offensive on “Rafale deal”

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Aug 01: Releasing a set of some documents, the Pradesh Congress Committee hit out at Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and Defence Minister, Smt. Niramala Sitharaman over the much debated Rafale deal, alleging that the Centre has misled the country in revealing the pricing of the aircraft and comprised on national interest. Addressing a press conference on July 28, 2018, Shri K Ganeshan, Chief Spokesperson of the party said that the Modi led NDA government has been exposed with a multi-crore scam in Rafale Aircraft deal to benefit Modi's crony capitalist friend by sacrificing the interest of public sector undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
"During Congress led UPA government in December 2012, the international price bid per aircraft was opened @ Rs 526.10 crore. So the total cost of 36 aircrafts was Rs. 18940 Crore. But the Modi Government purchased the same aircraft in 2018 @ Rs. 1670.70 Crore i.e. 60,145 crore for 36 aircrafts. This has been revealed in the Annual Report-2016 of Dassault Aviation. The report also revealed that Dassault Aviation sold 48 Rafale aircrafts to two other countries- Egypt and Qatar (24 to Egypt and 24 to Qatar) in 2015 @ Rs. 1319.80 Crore, whereas India purchased the same aircraft @ Rs. 1670 crore. Hence compared to other countries, India paid Rs. 350.90 Crore in excess for each aircraft and Rs. 12,632 Crore for the entire deal," said Mr. Ganeshan.
"The Rafale deal has led to multi-crore loss to public exchequer, but still the Modi Government is not coming out with the truth and trying to hide facts by misleading the people of India. The Annual Report-2016 of Dassault Aviation has disclosed the cost of each aircraft paid by India. But Modi Government is not coming out with details and not disclosing the cost of the deal. With the justification of some or other security reasons, facts and figures are not disclosed by the Defense Ministry, GoI. The only organisation in India having the expertise of aircraft manufacturing from many decades i.e. the Public Sector undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was bypassed for getting Rs. 36000 Crore worth "offset Contract" despite the work share agreement signed between HAL and Rafale- Dassault aviation. The Reliance group company "Reliance Defense" was awarded with the "offset Contract" for Rs. 30000 Crore, though the agency has zero experience of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance," he added.
Speaking on the occasion, the District Spokesperson, PCC, Shri Tamilselvan alleges that “the frustrated BJP is now playing a 3D Game on Rafale - Diversion, Damning Lies and Deception during the discussion on 'No Confidence Motion' in the Parliament recently. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi failed to respond to the several questions asked by Congress President, Mr. Rahul Gandhi on the 'Rafale Deal' pricing, while the Defence Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman blatantly lied and misled the people and Parliament. The diabolical game of loss to public exchequer has ended up sacrificing the interest of Public Sector Undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)”. He further said, instead of hiding behind the cloak of 'Nationalism', PM Modi and the BJP govt. must come clean on how their actions compromised 'National Security', sacrificed the interest of a public sector undertaking (HAL) and benefitted his crony capitalist friends.

Admn. signs MoU with NIWS, Goa

Port Blair, Aug 01: A&N Administration has signed a MoU with National Institute of Water Sports, (NIWS) Goa, Goa on 26/07/2018 for effective monitoring & regulation of Adventure Water sports in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and firming up an annual calendar to enable NIWS, Goa to conduct affordable and quality training in various Water sports/ Lifeguarding/ similar/ related activities for the interested candidates in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
As part of MoU, National institute of Water Sport, Goa will provide training and licensing to the local youths of these Islands for safe and efficient practicing of water sports, conduct audit of Adventure Water Sports units and provide inputs/ support/ advice etc. for the development of policy framework, safety mechanisms and guidelines for the safe and effective conduct, monitoring and regulation of Adventure Water Sports in these Islands.
The National Institute of Water Sports (NIWS), Goa has been setup by the Ministry of Tourism (GoI) as an 'Apex' body for training, education, consultancy and research to usher in an era of leisure-water sporting segment in the country. The Institute is envisaged to function as a model for similar initiatives/ entrepreneurs with regard to faculty and staff, training infrastructure, water sport equipment and specialized and berthing facilities.

Nurse Students Interaction at IGNOU

Port Blair, Aug 01: The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Regional Centre, Port Blair has conducted face-to-face interaction session with newly admitted students of Bridge Programme Certificate in Community Health for Nurses (BPCCHN) of Programme Study Centre-0212P, ANIIMS, Port Blair. The interaction session was held during Afternoon on Tuesday 31st July, 2018 at IGNOU- Regional Centre, Port Blair. All the thirty students of BPCCHN -July 2018 batch attended the interaction session to know more details about preparation of assignments, term-end-examination question pattern etc. The Regional Director Dr.S.Ganesan, and Assistant Regional Director Dr. T. R. Satyakeerthy interacted with the BPCCHN students.

Appl. invited for advance training in handicrafts

Port Blair, Aug 01: The Directorate of Industries will sponsor candidates for undergoing one month Advance Training in Bamboo & Cane Handicrafts at Bamboo & Cane Development Institute (BCDI), Agartala.
Applications have been invited from interested practising artisans, unemployed youth/ potential entrepreneurs who have undergone basic training in Bamboo & Cane handicrafts in the prescribed format available in the Training Cell of the Directorate of Industries latest by 10th August 2018.

Life Skills Education for School Children

v  Dr. S. Ganesan
Regional Director, IGNOU
v  Dr.T.R. Satyakeerthy
Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU

Our everyday life starting from sunrise to mid-night needs lot of skills to manage our day-time as well as might-time activities. The school going children learn such skills at home, school and outside environments.  But, all the children could not get same or similar skills for their life. Both the parents and teachers integratelly should try to upgrade the life skill education for the children. The process should be rapid to meet the growing requirements of children life.
We all witness the higher level skills in poor children as compared to rich children. Why it is so? The compelling situations make the learning fast and strong. Frequent re-occurrence of difficulty situations moulds the children to handle it wisely and skillfully. Due to this fact, the poor children are able to enhance their life skills of higher order.
Getting ready for school, catching the school van at right time at right bus stop etc, are normal day-to-day skills required for school children. Managing the school bags, tiffin box, water bottle, pencil box etc are few real life challenges for them. Students learn lot many things while travelling from home to school and back. The real world exposures gradually trains the children to manage the life.
In Mumbai, getting into metro electric train is treated as ‘Guinness   Record” for new traveler. To go to United States, the skill of cooking, skill of cleaning and maintenance of kitchen items are paramount important besides US-Visa. Doing everything independently in US, is not that easy life for our Indian school children. Even if you purchase a table and chair, you should have the skill to assemble it yourself without the help of carpenter. In other words, location –to- location, the life skills requirements also varies.
The following are some of common, important life skills required for school children:
Self-Awareness includes our recognition of ourselves, our character, strengths and weaknesses, desires and dislikes. It is learning about me as a special person. It is a pre-requisite for effective communication, interpersonal relationship and developing empathy.
Empathy is an ability to imagine what life is like for another person even in a situation that we may not be familiar with? It helps us to understand and accept others and their behavior that may be very different from ourselves i.e. understanding how people are alike and how we differ. It includes skills like-ability to listen, understand others needs and circumstances, ability to express that understanding.
Critical Thinking is ability to analyze information and experience in an objective manner. This include skills like-analyzing peer and media influences, analyzing attitudes, values, social norms, beliefs, and factors affecting them identifying relevant information and sources of information.
Creative Thinking is an ability that helps us look beyond our direct experience and address issues in a perspective which is different from the obvious. It adds novelty and flexibility to the situation of our daily life. It is the ability to analyze information and experiences in an objective manner. It contributes to problem solving and decision making by enabling us to explore available alternatives and various consequences of our action or non-action.
Decision-Making is process of making assessment of an issue by considering all possible/available options and the effects of different decisions might have on them. It is the ability to weigh the pros and cons of alternative and accepting responsibility for the consequences of the decision.
Problem Solving refers to having made decisions about each of the options, choosing the one which is the best suited and following it through the process till a positive outcome of the problem is achieved. In all, it is identifying problems, exploring alternatives and making rational decision. For developing these skills, one needs to have information –gathering skills, evaluating future consequences of present actions for self and others determining alternative solutions to problems.
Effective Communication is ability to express ourselves both verbally and non-verbally in an appropriate manner. This means being able to express desires, opinions, and fears and seek assistance and advice in times of need. Skills include-Verbal/non-verbal communication, active listening, expressing feelings, giving feedback without blaming, receiving feedback.
Interpersonal Relationship Skill that helps us to understand our relations with others and relate in a positive/reciprocal manner with them. It helps us to value and maintain relationship with friends and family members and also be able to end relationships constructively. It helps in working with others and understanding roles and constraints of others.
Coping with Stress is an ability to recognize the source of stress in our lives, its effect on us and acting in ways that help to control our levels of stress. This may involve identifying stress, time management, positive thinking and taking action to reduce some stress for example changes in physical environment, life styles, learning to relax etc. This is the important skill to be developed in children of the present world.
Coping with Emotions is ability, which involves recognizing emotions in others and ourselves, being aware of how emotions influence behaviors and being able to respond to emotions appropriately. It helps to understand that there are a range of emotions and the expression of emotions may be different for different people in response to the same situation. It may include managing anger, dealing with grief and anxiety, coping with loss, abuse and trauma.
Household related skills are needed to carry out our day –today activities in the house. It includes skills like cooking, balanced diet, washing clothes, sweeping and cleaning, kitchen gardening, health and hygiene, mending, stitching, thrift and household remedies.
Family related skills that are related to management of all the family affairs. All the family related skills such as planned and responsible parenthood, AIDS/HIV/ STD awareness, drug abuse, sex education, menstrual management, handling and stopping family violence, verbal and physical abuse, child abuse, sexual harassment, first aid (burn, injuries, snake bite drowning, poisoning etc.) home nursing, health and nutrition are included in it.
Accessing Public Services  skills relate to knowing and understanding of accessing and operating the existing public services for day -to -day functioning of life thereby benefitting family, community and society for improving the quality of life. It includes skills like post and telegraphs operations, rail/bus services, banking operations, accessing health and sanitation service, traffic rules and regulation and computer literacy including internet ticket booking.
Environmental Awareness relates to protection, conservation and preservation of environment, understanding the close relationship between human beings, their activities and the surrounding in which they live. The environmental related skills are: protection of environment, identification of pollution hazards and polluting agents, conservation of resources, recycling of bio -degradable materials for daily use, love and care for plants and animals, use of eco friendly techniques and disaster management (floods, earthquake cyclone etc.).
 Legal Literacy is important that children are made aware about laws that govern human life. These laws are essential to combat conflicts arising out of continuing deep seated inequalities of caste, class, religion and above all gender inequalities. It is important to build in our children, enough understanding and commitment to human progress through the content and process of school education. The key to all human developments lies in ensuring observance of laws and not enforcement by external agencies. This includes skills related to constitutional rights and duties, right to education, consumer education, human rights, rights of the child, right of women, personal and social laws, labour laws related to crime against women and public interest litigation.
Forms of life skills are Yoga, Sports and Games, Karate, Dance and Music, Art and Craft, Dramatics/Theatre, Community Service, Excursions & Adventure Camps, Competitions and Celebrations and Special Events etc.
Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities can include knowing Myself, Healthy Community, Love for Animals and Birds, Nutritional Snack Competition, How to Protect Myself, Know Your Rights, Managing Stress, Social Sensitivity, Water is Precious etc.
The IGNOU provides such life-skill education to parents, teachers through                        PG Certificate in Value Education (PGCVE). The moral education, life skill education are part of value education. Value education  has been designed to inculcate  the importance of value education in teaching learning process among teachers, teacher educators, graduates, NGO’s and professionals from corporate and other sectors. To orient the target group of teachers (mostly elementary) for integrating values in their transactional process of teaching and learning, To generate awareness and interest for inculcating positive values among teachers, professionals, students, parents and the community and to develop awareness and societal responsibility among NGO’s Government servants and civil society organizations.

Value education contains
* Over view and perspectives of values
* Social Dynamics and Value Development
* Pedagogy of Values
* application and support skills

To train our young ones, such professional qualifications or relevant education is highly essential. It is more true for nuclear family set-ups as compared to joint family system. Let us all try to communicate and transfer our acquired life skills to our school children.
(The authors are Dr.S. Ganesan, Regional Director and Dr.T.R. Satyakeerthy, Assistant Regional Director of IGNOU, Regional Centre, Port Blair and can be reached at

Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated in Isles; Lt. Governor, others pay homage to martyrs

Port Blair, Aug 01: The Lt. Governor, A&N Islands, Admiral DK Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.), on July 26, 2018 led the Islanders in paying rich tributes to the Kargil Martyrs, who gallantly laid down their lives for the nation in the 1999 Kargil conflict with Pakistan. To mark the ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’, a solemn function was organized at the Kargil War Martyrs Memorial at Tagore Govt. College of Education, Port Blair here this morning. The Lt Governor laid a wreath at the memorial. He also had a glimpse of the pictorial exhibition on Kargil War Heroes, displayed at the Memorial site.
Others, who placed wreaths at the Memorial included the Chief Secretary i/c, Shri K R Meena, ZPSA Adhyaksha, Smt. Baby Farida, PBMC Chairperson, Shri Indra Pal Singh, senior officers of the Defence and Civil Administration, public representatives, prominent citizens and students also paid tributes at the Memorial. Observance of two minutes’ silence and Guard of Honour formed part of the commemorative function.
The ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ was celebrated across the country today to commemorate India's victory over Pakistan in the 1999 Kargil War and to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the country. On 26th July, 1999, India successfully took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistani intruders. The war was fought for more than 60 days.

Month long 'Van Mahotsav' culminates; Lt Governor calls upon Islanders to contribute towards conservation, expansion & enrichment of forests

Port Blair, July 31: The Lt. Governor, A&N Islands, Admiral DK Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.) has called upon the people of the Islands, especially the students, teachers, members of PRIs and social organizations to take the message of environment conservation to the masses, so as to sustain and further increase the greenery of these Islands. He was speaking at the valedictory function of the 69th Van Mahotsav, organised by the Department of Environment & Forests, A&N Administration, in the auditorium of Tagore Govt College of Education (TGCE) here this afternoon. The Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Shri K.R. Meena, PCCF, A&N Islands, Shri Tarun Coomar, senior officers of the Administration, officials of Forest Department, students, teachers, parents and PRI Members were also present on the occasion.
The Lt. Governor informed the gathering how the term ‘Van Mahotsav’ was coined in the year 1947, when a successful tree plantation drive was conducted by leaders like Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Thereafter, in 1950, the then Union Minister for Agriculture and Food, Dr. KM Munshi called for celebrating ‘Van Mahotsav’ every year. The Lt. Governor further explained the main objectives of this campaign viz. increasing the production of fruits, helping in creation of shelterbelts around agricultural fields, to provide fodder for animals, encouraging the conservation of soil health and stopping soil erosion etc.
The Lt. Governor further said, the A&N Islands is enriched with dense forests, clean and untouched sea beaches and other fascinating sea organisms. “We have dense forest on about 86% land, and besides depicting high degree of endemism, these Islands also houses rare ecosystems like seagrass meadows, coral reefs, mangroves, tropical forest etc. We are proud of the Islands’ environment, forests and rich bio-diversity”, he said.
The Lt. Governor also expressed happiness that as per the latest report of the Forest Survey of India, the forest area in the A&N Islands has increased by 40 sq kms, including 13 sq. kms of mangroves while there has been an improvement in the quality of the forests as well. This has become possible due to plantation and effective preservation of forest and our commitment towards the eco restoration of forests and mangroves, said the Lt. Governor.
Congratulating all the stakeholders and the people for their participation in the 69th ‘Van Mahotsav’ celebrations throughout the Islands, the Lt. Governor said, respecting forest is part of our culture; and called upon all to take interest in the conservation and protection of nature along with planting of trees. The Lt. Governor asked the Forest Department to involve the general public in environment protection for the overall economic and social development of the Islands. He also urged one and all to contribute towards the conservation, expansion and enrichment of forests for the benefit of the community at local, regional and global level.
Addressing the gathering, the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Shri KR Meena remarked that water, soil and all other life forms originate from the forests. He said water and forests are important assets for all living beings and judicious use of natural resources is vital. Citing example of the importance of Khejri trees for the people of Rajasthan, the Chief Secretary remarked that people of Rajasthan are striving hard to protect and conserve the khejri trees as it provides food, firewood and supports the rural economy. He said the A&N Islands are blessed with rich flora and fauna and are a hotspot for bio-diversity, hence, we must ensure judicious utilization of the forest, keeping in mind the need for conservation and protection of the forest for the future generation.
Lauding the Department of Environment and Forests for its untiring efforts towards preservation and conservation of Isles’ forest cover and vegetation, the Chief Secretary remarked that the responsibility of preservation and conservation of forest and its biodiversity lies in the hands of every individual and urged the Islanders to work in tandem with the Forest Department in creating awareness and sensitizing people about the need for protection of forest. He also called upon the Islanders to bring to the notice of the Forest Officials, any illegal activity, which harms the environment we live in.
Speaking on the occasion, the PCCF, A&N Islands, Shri Tarun Coomar remarked that the word ‘Van Mahotsav’ which means the ‘festival of trees’, has been bringing multitudes of people across the country towards the common goals of planting more trees since 1950. The former Minister of Agriculture & Food, Dr K.M. Munshi was instrumental in giving prominence to the celebration of ‘Van Mahotsav’ which is celebrated every year in the month of July.
He said, the significance of ‘Van Mahotsav’ has its relevance with the celebration of ‘Rath Yatra’ as during the celebration of Rath Yatra, in places like Bihar, Orissa, Bengal people plant atleast one sapling each.
The dignitaries also distributed prizes to the winners of various competitions organized by the Forest Extension & Publicity Division of the Department of Environment & forests, as part of the observance of the month long Van Mahotsav here in the Isles.  A documentary on celebration of 69th Van Mahotsav in the Isles was also screened on the occasion. The students of TGCE presented a welcome song on the occasion.
Earlier, the CCF (R&WP) Shri Anand Krishna welcomed the gathering while the programme culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by DFO (FE&PD) Shri Ayyub Hassan.

Don't list Aadhaar no. on Net, says UIDAI; Advisory follows TRAI chief's dare

New Delhi, Aug 01: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Tuesday advised people to refrain from putting their Aadhaar numbers on the Internet and social media.
The move comes a few days after the outgoing Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, R.S. Sharma, made his Aadhaar number public, throwing an open challenge to users to "do any harm to me." Mr. Sharma had said the motive was to debunk the theory that Aadhaar compromises the privacy of a person. Following suit, a lot of people started posting their Aadhaar numbers online.
"[UIDAI] has advised people to refrain from publicly putting their Aadhaar numbers on internet and social media and posing challenges to others.
"This advisory has come from the UIDAI with reference to some news items appearing on social media reporting a few persons publicly posting their Aadhaar numbers on internet and social media and posing challenges to others," it said in a statement.
It stressed that the Aadhaar number is personally sensitive information like bank account number, passport number and PAN number, which should be shared only on a need basis for a legitimate use for establishing identity and for legitimate transactions.
Raised in Lok Sabha
Meanwhile Congress MP K.C. Venugopal on Tuesday raised in the Lok Sabha the issue of Mr. Sharma's dare, saying the country was in the "era of data leakage."
Raising the issue during zero hour, Mr. Venugopal said Mr. Sharma's act resulted in the disclosure of several details that should be confidential, like his bank account numbers and frequent flier number.
"The government should take action to secure privacy and safety of all data," he added. (The Hindu)

Disaster management exhibition & mock drill conducted at GSSS (TELUGU), Haddo

Port Blair, Aug 01: The Directorate of Disaster Management, in coordination with the Department of Education, Health, A&N Police Fire Services and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has conducted 02nd Disaster Management Exhibition and Mock Drill at Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Haddo (Telugu Medium), Port Blair on 27.07.2018 to enhance the capacity of school community and to generate awareness amongst the children and youths on the basics of disaster management.
Shri Abdul Salim, Principal, GSSS, Haddo (Telugu), welcomed the officers and officials of above departments present on the occasion before substantiating the facts that the school children and school buildings have been badly affected by disasters. He urged the students and teachers to participate whole heartedly in DM Exhibition and Mock Drill which will definitely enhance the capacity of the school community for managing disasters.
Shri Gyan Singh, Asst. Director (Log.), DDM detailed the objectives of organizing DM Exhibition and Mock Drill in Port Blair (AMRUT City). Shri Janik Ram, Asst. Director (Admn.) and Shri Deen Mohammed, Safety Officer described the necessity of learning disaster management activities in each school and take maximum benefits by school children from this DM Exhibition and Mock Drill.
The Mock Drill started with the blasting of School Siren and all the students carried out "DUCK-COVER and HOLD" position for few minutes in their respective classes for earthquake safety and then safely evacuated and assembled at identified safer places. The SAR teams rescued the missing/injured students using Search & Rescue techniques from the classes and provided medical first aid by MFR Teams. The Mock drill has been conducted as per School Disaster Management Plan to test and check the efficacy and readiness of School Response System during any catastrophe and observed all the activities of Mock Drill which was appreciated by the present officers. In the Disaster Management Exhibition, displayed exhibits i.e. IEC materials, SAR Equipment, Fire Extinguishers, MFR Kits were briefed to the students by DM Officials, NDRF Team, Police Fire personnel and Medical officials.