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Life Skills Education for School Children

v   Dr. S. Ganesan Regional Director, IGNOU v   Dr.T.R. Satyakeerthy Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU Our everyday life starting from sunrise to mid-night needs lot of skills to manage our day-time as well as might-time activities. The school going children learn such skills at home, school and outside environments.  But, all the children could not get same or similar skills for their life. Both the parents and teachers integratelly should try to upgrade the life skill education for the children. The process should be rapid to meet the growing requirements of children life. We all witness the higher level skills in poor children as compared to rich children. Why it is so? The compelling situations make the learning fast and strong. Frequent re-occurrence of difficulty situations moulds the children to handle it wisely and skillfully. Due to this fact, the poor children are able to enhance their life skills of higher order. Getting ready for school, catching the scho