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Nutrition Science Education for Home-Makers

by Dr. S. Ganesan Regional Director, IGNOU As per medical sciences, the good health indicators are many and we also normally come to know those quantitative data through master health check-ups. In simple way, we can ourselves know the status of health in day-today activities.  For example, while ·          Not able to eat all eatable items as per our wish (food restriction) ·          Giving order for tea / coffee in a hotel  ( blood sugar) ·          Not able to eat outside food at functions / hotels (stomach upset) ·          Taking tablets before taking food or after taking food (health maintenance through medicines) ·          Week tooth / gums forces to avoid hard items / non-vegetarian items (dental  problems) ·          Avoiding  some of the food items consciously (allergy) ·          Availing frequent leave for office / college  (immunity level) ·          Visiting hospitals quite often (sensitivity) ·          Counting the number (quantitative) of t

TSG Emerald staff and Gold Merchants Association extends relief for Kerala

Port Blair, Sept 05: The Staff of Hotel TSG Emerald View handed over a cheque of Rs 1.25 lakhs for the Kerala Flood Relief Fund and Shri Subramaniam, on behalf of Gold Merchants Association announced a sum of Rs.75,000 for Kerala Relief Fund to the Chief Secretary during the 51st Annual General Meeting of Andaman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI), which was held in the conference hall of Hotel TSG Emerald View, Phoenix Bay on Spet 02, 2018.