Sunday, September 9, 2018

Nutrition Science Education for Home-Makers

by Dr. S. Ganesan
Regional Director, IGNOU
As per medical sciences, the good health indicators are many and we also normally come to know those quantitative data through master health check-ups. In simple way, we can ourselves know the status of health in day-today activities.  For example, while
·         Not able to eat all eatable items as per our wish (food restriction)
·         Giving order for tea / coffee in a hotel  ( blood sugar)
·         Not able to eat outside food at functions / hotels (stomach upset)
·         Taking tablets before taking food or after taking food (health maintenance through medicines)
·         Week tooth / gums forces to avoid hard items / non-vegetarian items (dental  problems)
·         Avoiding  some of the food items consciously (allergy)
·         Availing frequent leave for office / college  (immunity level)
·         Visiting hospitals quite often (sensitivity)
·         Counting the number (quantitative) of tablets consumed in a day  (medicine dependency)
You can also easily add some more points to this list,  based on you day-today observations of others.   The second side of the health coin is ‘fitness’.  It is also directly or indirectly reflects the health status.  Following are some of the fitness indicators:
·         Not able to claim first or second floor through stair case (stamina or breathe capacity)
·         Ability to run to catch town bus / train (body flexibility)
·         Ability to carry 10-15 Kg luggage bags at airport  / railway station (hand strength)
·         Ability to stand in a long queue  (leg strength)
·         Independency  to  move the gas cylinder from main door to kitchen ( back pain)
·         Carrying capacity of vegetable bag (5-6 Kgs) at Jangalighat Sunday market for 30-40 minutes  (holding power)
·         Ability to pull centre-stand for your bike / scooter (pulling power)
·         Ability to kick the bike, when battery start fails ( kicking power)
·         Ability to use Indian toilet  (knee power)
·         Ability to sit on the floor and get-up from floor (joints power)
Again, you can add more to this list based on your own experiences of fitness.  The state of independency to carryout day-today activities sows sign of health and fitness.  In other words, to do our work independently needs good health and equipping the physical fitness is next step for normal life.  Your age can easily be inferred from your level of dependency on others.  Remember the old saying: self-help is the best-help.
Eat Adequately
Cereal, Pulses, Milk
Eat Liberally
Vegetables, Fruits
Eat Moderately
Eggs, Flesh Foods
Eat Sparingly
Fat, Oils, Sugars
We all know EMI, as a facility in our purchases / loans.  A similar terminology, BMI (Body Mass Index) = weight in Kg / height in meter2, is very popular now in health sector.  Having learned about the status of health and physical fitness, what is to be done next?  To maintain good health, free from medicines and for minimum physical fitness, we need nutritious food.   The nutrition science provides us the basic knowledge on the role of food in maintaining good health.  In olden days, the grandma use kitchen-pharmacy very effectively for maintaining good health of every member of big family.  Now-a-days, the food science, health education, nutrition science etc. are readily available to everyone through open and distance learning system.   For instance, the Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN), a 6-months course is available in Tamil, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, Hindi and English (offered in 10-Indian languages). Such nutrition science educations are helpful for the mothers of school going children and aged parents.  The scientific way of looking at food items gives good amount of insight and self-learning of nutrition science.
Recently, the UGC also banned sale of junk foods at canteens of colleges / universities / higher education institutions.  Some of the state governments are also stopped sale of junk food items at school premises. 
Balancing our speedy life-style with good food habits is a challenge in modern world.  The well balanced diet is highly important for present life-style with less physical activities.  Some 20-25 years ago, our daily routine domestic manual works consumed nearly 1000 KCalories per day.  But, in modern kitchen / home, the electrical home appliances reduced it to just 100 KCalories.  This simple sift from 1000 to 100 KCalories consumption is part of our life-style change.  Under this situation, the nutrition science education helps us to avoid obesity as well as malnutrition.  For Indians, a ‘reference man’ is between 20-39 years of age, with 60 Kg weight, needs 2875 Kcal per day.  Similarly, the ‘reference women’ of 20-39 years, with 50 Kg body weight is used in Indian context needs 2225Kcal per day for moderate work.  Being so, to balance our diet   and to avoid risk of excess or deficiency in our daily intakes, the conscious knowledge of food science is important for everyone.  The correct, real scientific knowledge of food items can only save us from misconception or prejudices. Besides commonly known B.Sc., M.Sc., in Home Science, there are many nutrition science courses offered in open and distance learning system.  For example, the IGNOU offers Certificate in Food & Nutrition (CFN), Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education (DNHE), M.Sc., Dietics and Food Service Management (DFSM) etc.
MSCDFSM addresses the needs of training work force/developing manpower (dietitians, nutrition counsellors, food service managers etc) for the emerging employment sector (hospital/community dietetics, food service management). It will offer unique opportunity of higher education to enrich their working lives by entering into the market and/or starting their own food service unit, leading to entrepreneurship. It also focuses on upgrading the professional competencies of serving personnel in food service establishments, such as dietitians, diet technicians, counsellors etc. The programme covers: applied physiology, nutritional biochemistry, food safety and food microbiology, advance nutrition, clinical and therapeutic nutrition, public nutrition, entrepreneurship and food service management, principles of food science, research methods and biostatistics, etc.
Nutrition & Health Education (DNHE) is a holistic package which provides opportunities to the learner to gain knowledge about nutrition and public health. It also enables the learners to develop skills in communicating nutrition and health related information to the community. The aim of the programme is to develop a knowledge base in areas of nutrition and public health, promote awareness about concepts and principles in communication and their application in nutrition and health education and develop skill in playing the role of nutrition/health educators in the community.
Learners with basic 10+2 qualification and an interest in community work will find the Diploma very useful. It is a professional training programme. People working with both governmental and non-governmental sectors in the role of community workers would also benefit from this programme. The diploma will provide an additional qualification helping them to improve their professional competence and promotion chances.
The programme covers, nutrition for the community, public health and hygiene, nutrition and health education, Project work: nutrition and health education. Project work is a vital component of the programme. Through the project work, the learner will be able to experience the “feel” of working as a nutrition and health educator in community settings. Such as an interaction would provide good insight into the problems and possible solutions in community work. The project will equip the learner to plan and conduct nutrition/health education campaigns and progammes in community settings.
Food and Nutrition (CFN) is basically a Post- Literacy level awareness programme meant for people with basic reading and writing skills. The programme aims to acquaint the learner with the role of food in ensuring health living for the individual, family and community. It includes features like food selection and preparation, nutrition from infancy to old age, economics of food, kitchen gardening, food adulteration, consumer rights, safety and education, etc. The programme lays primary emphasis on nutrition with relevance to present day scenario, cost effectiveness, environment friendly approaches that reaches to almost the entire nation, hence making the learners responsible and aware citizens of tomorrow. The programme contents covers: you and your food, your food and its utilization, economics of food.
 Nutrition and Child Care(CNCC) is tremendous relevance and use to all those who need to have the knowledge, understanding and skills, both with regard to nutrition and child development. The certificate in nutrition and child care is specifically vocational in nature, opening venues for employment as well as self-employment. Doing a programme of this nature, combining knowledge and skill development in the areas of nutrition and early childhood non-government organizations working for women and children. It covers: Nutrition for the community and organizing Child Care Services.
Some people visit astrologers quite often for business related questions.  After sometime, they themselves are able to guess some predictions based on the astrology knowledge acquired due to regular visits. At one stage, the businessman himself joins some astrology course to understand more.  A similar phenomena occurs in food or diet practice also.  The self-learning through ODL course on nutrition science education updates their knowledge and helpful for health management process.
Every mother of a family, especially modern young mothers need nutrition science education for healthy India.  The educated husband can gift admission in nutrition science education courses for his better-half, especially during her pregnancy period.  Let all of us focus our attention on healthy nutritious food for  self and others;  so as to have good health youth India.

(The author is Regional Director of IGNOU, Regional Centre, Port Blair and can be reached at (M-8900936718)

Andaman Bandh today - Islanders hope for effective & successful Bandh

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, Sept 05: To protect the employment opportunity for islanders, the Joint Action Forum called a 24 hours Bandh on Sept 06, 2018 in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands from 6:00 am to next morning 6:00 am. After the gathering is addressed at Tiranga Park Bhatu Basti, Tiranga Park Aberdeen and Tylerabad Junction, the volunteers will move around Port Blair city and suburbs to request the shops and establishments to close for the day for sake of islanders' future. The bund is intended to press on the demand to implement "Inner Line Permit" and to ensure that the domiciles of the place get their right to job and livelihood opportunities.
The Joint Action Forum (JAF) gets active support from all private organisation/ firms like private schools, auto unions, private bus union, business groups, shop keepers and huge number of islander volunteer youths. The JAF expects that the bund will receive a very good response and the bund would affect right from Diglipur to Campbell Bay, where people have already planned similar meetings like in Port Blair.
However, political parties extending their partial support to JAF, since many of the JAF volunteers are active members of some political parties as well. Obviously, in view of the forthcoming elections, the political parties cannot take the risk to provide direct support to JAF on such crucial issue, which may affect the vote bank in the A&N Islands. Besides, the MP of A&N Islands believe that the Andaman Bandh is unconstitutional and he would not support "Inner Line Permit". Whereas, the Forum claims that, if, it is unconstitutional then how the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India accepted the recommendations of Shekar Singh Commission at the first place on "Inner Line Permit".
Although, the actual data about the influx of foreign intruders in the A&N Islands is yet a million dollar question, thanks to the Islands' security agencies, for scrolling their responsibility upon general public, "requesting people of these Islands to come forward and report to nearest police station, if they have any such credible information of Bangladeshi or any other foreign National living in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, illegally", appeared in local medias many times.
However, 'the proposed issuance of Smart Islanders Card and a proper Census in 2021 will reveal some concrete facts about the figure', say some experts.

Port Blair dated the  05th Sept. 2018
In view of the proposed public meeting at Tiranga Park, Aberdeen Bazar regarding implementation of Inner Line Permit System on 06th Sept. 2018, all concerned organizations/ political leaders and general public are appealed to maintain peace and tranquility. It should be ensured that no general public, citizens and tourists are inconvenienced in any way.
Adequate arrangements have been made to ensure law & order in the District. In case of any law & order issue or otherwise, police assistance may be called for, on telephone No.100.
Deputy Commsioner
South Andaman District

CS felicitates Isles' teachers - Describes them as builders of society & nation

Port Blair Sept.5: Teachers' Day was celebrated throughout these Islands, together with the rest of the country today, to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the 2nd President of India. To celebrate the occasion, a state level function was organized by the Directorate of Education, in the auditorium of Tagore Government College of Education (TGCE) here this evening. The Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Shri Chetan B. Sanghi was the chief guest of the function. The Adhyaksha, Zilla Parishad South Andaman, Smt. Baby Fareeda, Secretary (Art &Culture), Smti Neha Bansal and Secretary (Education), Shri D Manikandan were also present on the occasion. The chief guest garlanded the portrait of Dr. S Radhakrishnan while the other dignitaries also paid floral tributes.
Addressing the gathering, the Chief Secretary suggested for broad basing Teachers' Day programme by including teachers from Colleges, Senior Secondary Schools, Secondary Schools, Middle Schools, Primary Schools etc so that the programme could be more inclusive and all teachers who immensely contribute in the field of education, could be felicitated. "After all, teachers are the builders of the society and the nation", he said.
Stressing the need to augment and improve infrastructure facilities in schools, the Chief Secretary said that a lot is required to be done in this regard. There is need to list out the requirements in each and every school so that they can be made available for the teachers and the students. The listing of such requirements can be entrusted with the heads of concerned institute/school and the task of providing the best infrastructure facilities in all the schools should be taken up as a challenge, he said. He also stressed for a transparent transfer policy so that teachers, who have completed their tenures in outer areas can be brought back.
The Chief Secretary also felicitated some teachers, who have achieved cent per cent results in their respective subjects in the last academic year. Congratulating these teachers, the Chief Secretary and urged them to continue working hard and become inspiration for other teachers.
In his welcome address, the Secretary (Education), said, Teachers' Day, the birth anniversary of Dr. Radhakrishnan, a great teacher and philosopher, is an opportunity for us to felicitate teachers who immensely contribute in educating our children. He said that teachers have done commendable jobs in providing quality education in the Islands, which has been proved by the improvement in overall results of Islands' schools.
The Director of Education, Shri Subhankar Ghosh read out the messages of the President of India and the Minister of Human Resource Development on the occasion of Teachers' Day to the gathering.
As many as 123 teachers, which included PGTs, GTTs and PSTs, were felicitated on the occasion for achieving cent per cent results in their respective subjects during last academic year.
A variety of colourful cultural programme were presented by the teachers of the Education Department on the occasion.

51st Annual General Meeting of ACCI held - Administration & ACCI to focus on economic development of these Islands more than trade and commerce: CS

Port Blair, Sept 05: The 51st Annual General Meeting of Andaman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) was held in the conference hall of Hotel TSG Emerald View, Phoenix Bay here on Spet 02, 2018. The Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Shri Chetan B. Sanghi graced the occasion as the chief guest. The Secretary Industries, Smt. Neha Bansal was also present on the occasion.
Addressing the gathering, the Chief Secretary expressed happiness in attending the AGM of the ACCI under which many groups and associations are active in carrying out different trades and businesses in the Islands. Describing ACCI as vibrant in A&N Islands, Shri Sanghi stated that the Chamber always puts forth their issues with ease, and in an effective manner.
The Chief Secretary said that A&N Administration is committed towards economic development of these Islands. Providing basic amenities and facilities to the person who is not representing any trade or Industry is also equally important for the Govt. and the Administration, the Chief Secretary added. The Chief Secretary further informed that senior officials in different Ministries have assured of their help to these Islands for taking up economic development based projects and its timely implementation. The Govt. of India has also reviewed some long term and short term ambitious projects and the Administration is committed towards completing these projects in a time bound manner for which the support of ACCI is also vital, said the Chief Secretary.
The Chief Secretary said that Administration desires to maintain interactions with the ACCI so that their issues are solved in these Islands itself. "Be our helpers in helping you", said the Chief Secretary adding that the better co-operation between the Administration and ACCI will accelerate development activities in these Islands.
The Chief Secretary also released a pictorial biography of the Past President of ACCI, Shri Hari Narayan Arora, depicting his contributions to the Islands, and wished him a healthy & prosperous life ahead. The President ACCI, Shri Girish Arora through a video presentation informed about the functioning of the ACCI and the activities carried out by it during 2017-18 as well as in the current financial year.
Shri Abhijit Agarwal, Member, ACCI moderated the programme.

TSG Emerald staff and Gold Merchants Association extends relief for Kerala

Port Blair, Sept 05: The Staff of Hotel TSG Emerald View handed over a cheque of Rs 1.25 lakhs for the Kerala Flood Relief Fund and Shri Subramaniam, on behalf of Gold Merchants Association announced a sum of Rs.75,000 for Kerala Relief Fund to the Chief Secretary during the 51st Annual General Meeting of Andaman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI), which was held in the conference hall of Hotel TSG Emerald View, Phoenix Bay on Spet 02, 2018.

242 MTS vacancies in Postal Department

Port Blair, Sept 05: Applications are invited for filling up of 242 posts of MTS in the Pay Matrix  Level-I (Rs.18,000-29,700) + other admissible allowances in different Postal/RMS Divisions in Department of Posts, West Bengal Circle.
Age Limit: 18-25 Years - for General Category (Unreserved Applicants). Age relaxation is provided to persons belonging to SC/ST/OBC/PH/Ex-Servicemen Candidates as per the extant orders.
Educational Qualification: (1) Class 10th Standard Pass from a recognized Board or University. (2) Knowledge of local language of the West Bengal/Andaman & Nicobar/Sikkim State. The candidate should have studied local language at least up to 10th standard.  The aspiring candidates are requested to access the website: for further details. Applications should be submitted online from 05.09.2018 (after 00.00 hrs) and the last date for registration of applications is 23.59 hrs of 04.10.2018.

IP&T, A&N Admn. in association with FTII and SKIFT to organize 45 days DFM Foundation Course in Rs.20,000/-

Port Blair, Sept 05: The Directorate of IP&T, A&N Administration in association with the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Skilling India in Film & Television (SKIFT), Pune will be organizing a 45 days Foundation Course in Digital Film Production for Islanders of A&N Islands from September 15 to November 04, 2018.
 The application forms can be collected from Supervisor, Film Unit, Directorate of IP&T and should be submitted along with the Demand Draft in favour of "Account Officer (FTII), Film and Television Institute of India, Pune" on or before 10/09/2018 by 05:00 pm.
For more details desirous persons can contact Shri. SCN. Prasad, Supervisor, Film Unit, Directorate of IP&T. (Cell No. 9474203104/9531868832), a press release said here.