Thursday, February 7, 2019

Citizens Corner 07/02/2019

* The JEs and AEs in local administration as well as in Defence Sector seem indulged in corruption up to that extent, as if they doesn't get salaries from their respective departments. Despite of setting a digital transparent mechanism in dealing with bills, the illegal graft continues.

* The Airtel's 4G claims are come down after increase in its subscribers. Now Airtel stops conversion of previous SIMs to 4G, due to worse on basic phone calls and SMSs effect. Public are still in search of satisfactory data network.

* Don't know the exact reasons behind, but some recruitments and its process of filling posts in the administration is concluding with strikes and agitations these days. And some results delayed to unbearable time for reasons best known to administration.

* "I am the best", is become a common saying for all politicians and for their parties these days to win the vote, they will also do the, said and unsaid pending works for public to set up government. Citizens should be very careful while choosing candidates, because there is a difference between oral assurance and written statement.

* TV channels are making holes on citizens' pockets, as housewives and senior citizens use to be at homes are well addicted to the unending TV serials and repeated movies in TV channels. Surprisingly, the TV serials zone and movie channels zone are found highest rates in ACN’s subscription list to subscribe. Consequently, the system of choosing channels have becomes a tough deal for subscribers.

Note: This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the above text is purely based on citizens' voice, and the TMI is not liable for any content in the Citizens Corner. 

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