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Double murder inside showroom in broad day light in city; Murdered to commit robbery: accused reveals during police interrogation

TMI Bureau Port Blair, March 29:  Two women  murdered inside the Damro Furniture showroom at Middle Point in broad day light has sent a shock wave in the city. TWO ACCUSED    News Report: On March 28, 2019, the killer/s slit the throats and stabbed the Two wome n  ( Padma Priya, 22 yrs, R/o Garacharma and Rosecynthia, 31 yrs, R/o Shadipur)  and killed them before fleeing from the spot. While one victim died on the spot, another succumbed to h er injuries at GB Pant Hospital. The unfortunate incident took place around 3.30 pm. As per sources, one of the two women is learnt to have been murdered inside the Damro showroom located on the first floor, above the Prince Bajaj showroom. The second woman happened to climb up to the first floor for some work and to her horror witnessed the murder taking place. Acting swiftly, the killer/s killed her too so as not to leave any evidence behind. The CCTV camera installed inside the showroom is also learnt to have been damaged by th

Invisible Teacher within Librarian

-           Dr. S. Ganesan -           Karabi Mandal We have resources of learning in many varieties. The books are prime resource of learning for students as well as teachers. The term ‘book’ is strongly linked with Libraries. In today’s digital world, the e-books are an addition to the existing printed book library. It is one of the mostly used resources of teaching-learning process. The audio-video CDs are another dimension of our libraries. All these learning resources are being managed by librarian as head of library. The librarian plays multiple roles, especially in School/College library. One of the major roles played by librarian is ‘Teacher’, which is hidden, silent and invisible. He /she plays teaching role-directly or indirectly; actively or passively as routine activity of library. I remember my college days of entering the library as first person and leaving as last person, just before closing of library doors. The concentration on reading for long-hours motivated

People demands restriction of vehicles into Sunday Veg. Market

TMI Correspondent Port Blair, Mar 06: One of the busiest places in city on Sundays is Junglighat's Vegetable farmers Market place where people crowd can be seen are busy, between 6.00 am and 1.00 pm on Sundays. During the time, police can also be seen restricting the entry of vehicle into the market upto 11.00 am, but after that, the two wheelers and sometimes four wheelers are found menacing between the people's crowd. "Here we have no place to walk even, and these vehicles are infiltrating freely to hassle the crowd", says a lady in the market. "Police deputed at entry of this market should stay upto 1.00 pm at least in busy hours", a farmer vending vegetables said.