Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Invisible Teacher within Librarian

-          Dr. S. Ganesan
-          Karabi Mandal
We have resources of learning in many varieties. The books are prime resource of learning for students as well as teachers. The term ‘book’ is strongly linked with Libraries. In today’s digital world, the e-books are an addition to the existing printed book library. It is one of the mostly used resources of teaching-learning process. The audio-video CDs are another dimension of our libraries. All these learning resources are being managed by librarian as head of library. The librarian plays multiple roles, especially in School/College library. One of the major roles played by librarian is ‘Teacher’, which is hidden, silent and invisible. He /she plays teaching role-directly or indirectly; actively or passively as routine activity of library. I remember my college days of entering the library as first person and leaving as last person, just before closing of library doors. The concentration on reading for long-hours motivated me to visit the library almost daily during the research work. The silence inside the library inspires like a meditation hall.

Librarian as
·                     Motivator
·                     Google (Search Engine)
·                     Living Encyclopedia
·                     Organizer (Systematic)
·                     Gate way of knowledge
·                     Guide
·                     Learning Facilitator

The students move freely with librarians, because they are not subject-teacher to fear. At the same time, the librarian gets respect, from both students and teachers, for the facilitating role played by dynamic librarian. The smile on the face of librarian inspires us and boost our motivation to read a lot at library. This must have been experienced by many of us during our school or college days. The activities inside library also acts as catalyst for self-motivation to read and learn in library.
Certificate in Library Science  (6-months)
·                     Libraries: An Introduction
·                     Document Processing and Organisation
·                     Information Sources and Library Services
·                     ICT in Libraries
 A college Principal entered the library with more than one attender, to return 10-20 books and has taken another set of 15-20 books from issue counter. This scene has stored in the photographic memory of my mind, strongly. The library is a place of such academic activities to get inspiration from peer-group (or) learned persons. The positive vibrations inside the library can be felt by a student   and it resembles like temple-vibrations while sitting at corridor of the temple.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science  (1 year)
·                     Library, Information and Society
·                     Information Sources and Services
·                     Organizing and Managing Information
·                     ICT Fundamentals
·                     Communication Skills
·                     Management of Library and Information Centre
·                     Document Processing Practice
·                     Information Products and Services
·                     ICT in Libraries

To become professionally trained librarian, there are many academic qualifications such as; Certificate in Library Science, Bachelor of Library & Information Science, Master of Library & Information Science, PG Diploma in Library Automation and Networking, Ph.D in Library Science. In academic institution, the librarian with Ph.D/M.Phil; (or) B.Ed/M.Ed; degrees have academically high/good status and mostly treated at par with teachers, on many occasions.

Master of Library and Information Sciences  ( 1 year)
·                     Information Sources, Systems and Services
·                     Technical Writing
·                     Informatics and Scientometrics
·                     Public Library System and Services
·                     Project/Dissertation Work

The scope for Library Science is increasing day-by-day. Recently, we have seen expansion of Kendriya Vidyalaya network and opening of 50 new Kendriya Vidyalaya’s: The growth of educational institutions is well known fact to get job opportunity as librarian. There are lot of staff already working in libraries, without professional qualification on library Science, especially the supporting staff members. Upgrading their educational qualification, suitable for their work place, is need-of-the- hour.

PG Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (1 year)

·                     Introduction to Computers
·                     Library Automation
·                     Information Systems
·                     Networking and Internet Technology
·                     Internet Resources
·                     Content Development
·                     Programming
·                     Project Work
·                     Practicals (7)

Imagine a library set-up, where the gate-keeper to Library Head are all professionally qualified in the Library Science and also visualize the quality of such library. Let us have teacher as librarian and vice-versa. Thus, the chance of exposure of hidden teacher, inside librarian, will be made visible to the world. Let us try to transform invisible portion to a visible state.
(The authors are Dr.S. Ganesan, Regional Director and Karabi Mandal staff of IGNOU, Regional Centre, Port Blair and can be reached at (M-8900936718)

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