Thursday, March 14, 2019

Major fire accident at Power Plant averted; Nearby denizens remain victims of engines' heat and smoke all days

Port Blair, Mar 13: A fire accident reported from Bambooflat's Power Plant at Midnight 11.56 pm of Mar 11, 2019. Timely action by Bambooflat Fire Service avert the accident before turning it major, the fire fighters team consisting of ASI, Shri Abdul Rasheed, Constables, M. Krishna Rao, Junas Kashep, A.M. Sajid, Mohd. Rafique and Lifing Billong were engaged upto 1.15 am (Mar 12, 2019) to control over fire.
Reportedly, due to overheat in one among the 12 gensets installed at Bambooflat was bust at that midnight, and the staffs on duty reported the fire incident to fire service immediately.
As per nearby residents of the 12 gensets installed locality at Bambooflat, 'preceded Power Plant of Suryachakra had high chimneys to out the heat of the engines, but this recently installed Genset Express Corporation's 12 engines has not even a chimney to release the heat and smoke, which causes health hazards to nearby resident especially the children and old age members in our family', Shri Musa Kaka said. 'In this regard we have also given a complaint at PS Bambooflat', the residents added.
'The A&N Administration has its responsibility to look into, while setting up such engines near the residential areas. Proper arrangements must be done to ease the residents of the nearby areas, especially when it comes to the health hazard of denizens', opined Smti. Rashida Begum, the nearby resident.

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