Friday, April 26, 2019

People allege "shoddy road work going on at Teylarabad"; JE assures, work will be done properly

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Apr 24: Local people allege that, "the method using to construct road from main road to Pujari House at Teylarabad village (Ward No.3) under Sippighat Gram Panchayat by contractor is substandard. The road roller work is not done properly to compact soil and bitumen in the construction of its foundation, and sufficient water also not fed during road laying work".
Nearby residents further alleges that, the concern Junior Engineer for this work is least bother to inspect the work going on in broad day light, which hits there might be some nexus between contractor and concerned officials of Sippighat Gram Panchayat.
However, people in majority allege that, "If the road is carpeted in such standard, it will be damaged within a year".
When contacted Junior Engineer, Shri Appa Rao, he accepted the allegations of people and said, 'due to steep slope the road roller was not rolled properly in the area, but after doing mechanical change in the roller the work will be going on, sufficient water to the path is also providing now, after complaint'.
When asked by this correspondent that, why not any mandatory board put on display for information of Tender Work? He said, 'the work was estimated at the cost of approx Rs.20 Lakh'. 'The work is already delayed by the contractor and the bill will not be released until and unless the work done properly', he added.

6810 sedative tablets seized at College hostel Gate; One arrested

Port Blair, Apr 24: A team of South Andaman Police has registered a case of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 and arrested a person with 6810 tablets of psychotropic substance.
On receipt of credible information on April 21, 2019, a raiding team under the guidance of SHO Aberdeen, Insp. Sanjay Kumar comprising SI P. Jeevan, HC Sunil Singh Yadav, PCs SN Rao, Suresh & Vinod Liniya conducted raid near Boys Hostel Gate, JNRM College and recovered 4200 pink colored tablets containing Alprazolam 0.50mg each, 2400 pink colored tablets containing Alprazolam 0.25mg each and 210 tablets containing Tramadol Hydrochloride 37.5mg from the possession of Dharmender Singh S/o Late. Jagbans Lall, 41yrs, R/o Aberdeen Bazar.
The public is requested to share information with Police in full confidence so that such anti-social elements are brought to justice and may pass such information to 112, 100, 03192-232100, 03192-232400 and 9434288673. The identity of the informant will be kept secret.

ABVP organises rally demanding Charge-sheet in recent double murder case

Port Blair, Apr 24: A peaceful rally was organized by the Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) demanding filling of charge-sheet against both the accused persons in the double murder case, which stunned the Islands recently. The rally was also organized to demand "Drug Addiction Free Andaman". The people who participated in the rally demanded justice for Late Padmapriya and Late Rose Cynthia and also sought speed up investigation.
According to reports, huge number of people gathered this evening at the parking area near ASI building, from where the rally started. The rally passed through Bengali Club, Model School, Clock Tower area and culminated near Gandhi Statue, where effigies of both the accused and drug mafias were burnt. Family members and friends of both the victims also participated in the rally.
The ABVP state Secretary R Rajsekar and Anu Katherine, student leader of TGCE lead the rally. ABVP ANI units President Dr Santosh Kumar Jha talked about ABVP's dedication towards eradicate the drug trafficking from these Islands and expressed his gratitude towards the Nicobari tribal community for their support and dedication to make Andaman and Nicobar Islands drug addiction free Islands.

Andamani goes missing from Kolkata; Jolly requests for speedy investigation

Port Blair, Apr 24: M. Hari Prasad S/o M. S. R.C. Murthy is missing since April 18, 2019 morning from Kolkata. A missing complaint ID No. 1728 was lodge at Siyaldah Mucchipara Police Station, Kolkata, West Bengal but so far no development found in this case.
In this regard Mr. Vishal Jolly, State President BJP A&N Islands, requested the DGP, A&N Islands to coordinate with the Commissioner of Police, West Bengal for speedy investigation. The DGP, A&N Islands assured that appropriate action will be taken immediately, State Convenor, Media Cell, BJP said in a press release.

Person missing from Nimbudera

Port Blair, Apr 24: One person namely Shri Kamlesh Biswas, S/o Shri Rasamay Biswas (29) yrs, R/o Nimbudera, Billiground is reportedly missing from his residence since the intervening night of 23rd February, 2019 who left his house due to family dispute with his uncle. The description roll of Shri Kamlesh Biswas is Height-(5 feet, 3 inch), physically challenged in left hand, Hair: Black, Eye-Black, Colour: Shallow, Built: Medium, Face: Round and he was wearing blue colour half pant & blue colour T-shirt.
The general public has been requested to pass information/clue if any about the aforesaid missing person to the nearest Police Station or on the telephone numbers viz. SHO PS Billiground (03192-270523), Mobile No. 9531887744, SDPO Rangat (03192-274646), Superintendent of Police (D) N&MA (03192-273344), Police Control Room - (03192-232100) or e-mail ID

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Parents play a pivotal role in child's drug use; know your responsibility

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, Apr 17: Youth are the future of our nation, but in our islands due to use of 'Ganja/ Marijuana/ Cannabis' in the early age of adolescence before their youthfulness destructs the future of islands as well as nation. It is come to notice that, in many schools in the A&N Islands, shockingly as per sources, from the middle schools level the students started using such illegal drugs in schools.
But the main point is that, how can the middle school students can afford or manage to buy such illegal products? Some citizen claims that, "it may be the tactics of business to spread the business among adolescents or youths by paying least initially as start-up addiction".
However, a lot of people seem to think marijuana is different from other drugs. Unfortunately, it's not the case: Just like with other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), one can get addicted to marijuana-especially if use it during your teen years.
Effects of Marijuana
Many teenagers believe that marijuana is safer than alcohol or other drugs. When talking about marijuana with your child, it is helpful to know the myths and the facts. For example, teenagers may say, "it is harmless because it is natural," "it is not addictive," or "it does not affect my thinking or my grades."
However, research shows that marijuana can cause serious problems with learning, feelings, and health.
Short-term use of marijuana can lead to: School difficulties, Problems with memory and concentration, Increased aggression, Car accidents, Use of other drugs or alcohol, Risky sexual behaviours, Worsening of underlying mental health conditions including mood changes and suicidal thinking, Increased risk of psychosis and Interference with prescribed medication.
Regular use of marijuana can lead to significant problems including Cannabis Use Disorder. Signs that your child has developed Cannabis Use Disorder include using marijuana more often than intended, having cravings, or when using interferes with other activities. If someone with Cannabis Use Disorder stops using suddenly, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms that, while not dangerous, can cause irritability, anxiety, and changes in mood, sleep, and appetite.
Long-term use of marijuana can lead to: The same breathing problems as smoking cigarettes (coughing, wheezing, trouble with physical activity, and lung cancer), Decreased motivation or interest which can lead to decline in academic or occupational performance, Lower intelligence, and Mental health problems, such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, anger, irritability, moodiness, and risk of suicide.
Marijuana use in teens can lead to long-term consequences. Teens rarely think they will end up with problems related to marijuana use, so it is important to begin talking about the risks with your child early and continue this discussion over time. Talking with your child about marijuana can help delay the age of first use and help protect their brain. If your child is already using marijuana, try asking questions in an open and curious way as your teen will talk more freely if not feeling judged. If you have concerns about your child's drug use, talk with your child's pediatrician or a qualified mental health professional. (Inputs from: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry).

LG pays floral tributes to Dr. BR Ambedkar

On the occasion of 128th Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Dr. B R Ambedkar on April 14, Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.) Hon'ble Lt. Governor, A&N Islands & Vice-Chairman Islands Development Agency paid floral tributes in the presence of Shri Vikram Dev Dutt, Pr. Secretary, Shri Tarun Kumar, PCCF, Ms. Shalini Singh, IG Police and other senior officers of Andaman & Nicobar Administration.

Citizens' Corner 18/04/2019

  • There are many guys, one can observe, especially teens, inactively present at many shady spots in the city. At first, I thought, their presence under shady spot due to summer heat. But later, it came know that, they are in another world alone like ‘Zombies’ in Hollywood movies, every day and evenings too by consuming 'Cannabis', may be easily available these days.

  • The A&N Police is occasionally comes up with press releases about nabbing drug peddlers at many places in city. But, the worthy A&N Police is yet to find out the real culprits behind the deals in import of such illegal 'Ganga' into these islands.

  • Many bureaucrats believes that, 'punishment is not the solution to control any crime', and authorities working towards creating awareness among criminals. But, in the modern era person commits crime and later police are left to solve the puzzle. At last, after many years of investigation and court proceedings, the criminal is being punished, that too if proved. Which gives easy message to the committers is as 'Justice is at far at distance'.

Police recovers misplaced bag of a Tourist in Baratang Island

Port Blair, Apr 17: On Apr 03, 2019, a travel agent Mr. Ravi, R/o Haddo informed over phone to SI Gaurav Banerjee of PS Baratang that one of his tourist namely Shri Souvik Ghosh from West Bengal have lost his bag containing cash of Rs.22,000/- and other materials somewhere at Baratang Island. Acting swiftly, a police team managed to found one purple colour bag on Apr 04, 2019 near lime stone cave. On checking cash Rs.22,500/- was found in the bag alongwith other items. Accordingly, the concerned tourist was contacted over phone and cash Rs.22,500/- alongwith bag was handed over to him in the presence of independent witnesses under cover of handling over memo. Baratang Police is dedicated to provide better safety and service to all the visiting tourists and always look forward to fulfill the A&N Tourist Police motto "We want you safe".

Thursday, April 4, 2019

IGNOU awards 2 Lakh Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees at its 32nd Convocation: Over 947 UG and PG students gets their certificates in Port Blair

TMI Correspondent
New Delhi/ Port Blair, Apr 03: Indira Gandhi National Open University, the largest Open University in the world hosted its 32nd Convocation today at Baba Saheb Ambedkar Convention Centre, IGNOU Campus, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi. The University awarded 200,000 degrees, diplomas, and certificates in the Convocation to the successful students in their respective programmes. Gold medals were also awarded to over 70 meritorious students in the Convocation. Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Honourabe Vice-President of India was the Chief Guest and delivered the 32nd Convocation Address on the occasion.
Similarly, the 32nd Convocation function of IGNOU was arranged at Port Blair in the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium and displayed the live programme of 32nd Convocation of IGNOU held in New Delhi in projector.
The gathering at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium witnessed the speech of Hon'ble Vice President, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, while lauding the University's mission of 'democratization of education' and 'reaching the unreached' Shri M Venkaiah Naidu said that IGNOU has made knowledge acquisition accessible to many learners, who otherwise were unable to attend regular institutes of higher learning. Stressing the need for students to continuously learn to remain competitive in this ever-changing world, Vice President said, "Learning does not end with the acquisition of an educational degree. Learning is an ongoing process and you need to upgrade knowledge on a daily basis to face a highly competitive world. As you all are aware, India was once known as Vishwaguru and students from across the world used to come here and study in reputed learning centres like Takshashila."
He also urged the youngsters to re-establish India as a knowledge and innovation hub. And for that to happen, he said that we have to completely overhaul our higher education system to cater to the fast changing requirements of the 21st century in different sectors apart from remoulding the syllabi and pedagogy, the stress should be on learning-by-doing.

Speaking at the Convocation function held at Port Blair in the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium, Dr. Sibnarayan Dam Roy, Former Director, Principal Scientist & Head (Fish and Fisheries Science), CIARI, Port Blair as guest of honour, appreciated Regional Director of IGNOU for efforts in improving its reach to the every corner of the A&N Islands. He also appreciated the working section of students, who have studied alongwith working in their respective fields or organizations. He said, "Education is a liberating and democratizing force cutting across various classes for smoothening out inequality". "The quality teaching of IGNOU by distance learning, with significance to teach higher education and professional development of the people is now teaching about 3 million learners all over India", he added. He also congratulated the IGNOU students who were successfully completed their Diplomas, Degrees and has presented certificates to about 300 students present in the 32nd Convocation of IGNOU.

Earlier, Dr. S. Ganesan, Regional Director, IGNOU, Port Blair gave a detailed presentation of development since last one years. He said, over 49950 students are pursuing their studies in IGNOU from A&N Islands. He further informed that 24% of growth in Regional Port Blair in degree course since two years, and growth in fresh admissions in January cycle is 17% and 15% in July cycle, which shows the tremendous development of IGNOU in Port Blair Region. Apart from this, the process of admission, exam fees and other things made easy by online. Students friendly activities, like classes on demand and video classes for IGNOU students as well as other college students is getting good response from students. Dr. S. Ganesan further said, about 51 articles published in local newspapers based on studies and development of learners. Meanwhile, Dr. S. Ganesan presented mementos to the close associates of IGNOU and certificates to the NCC and NSS cadres of JNRM also presented on the occasion.

“IGNOU in my life” - By Grigist

The Regional Director IGNOU Port Blair, Dr. S. Ganesan by acknowledging the contribution of ‘The Mini India’ towards IGNOU activities in the region, presenting a memento as ‘IGNOU Associate’ in 32nd Convocation function held at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium on April 03, 2019.

“IGNOU in my life”
- By Grigist
Special thanks to Dr. S. Ganesan sir, Regional Director IGNOU Port Blair for inviting me to the grand 32nd Convocation of IGNOU and honouring with a wonderful memento.
I, being a product of IGNOU, would like to share a bit about myself that, "What is IGNOU University for me in my life".
So there was a time, when I almost decided not to continue my education after XII during 2004 and have joined ANC on those days before the declaration of the CBSE board results. Obviously, being a little good in studies, I have successfully completed XII, but I did not look to admission in colleges, and usually my work is going on in ANC as a DRM (Computer Operator).
My brother who was a graduate already, use to guide me many times to join degree colleges. But, I, being an observer around society, I have seen the problems of unemployment, especially highly qualified doing usual jobs, and least qualified are earning something to look after their respective families.
By observing all that, in reply, I use to explain my brother, why not I should do my work, work and work. Then, time has passed upto 2 years. Then, I have got two years experience of work, but my qualification still XII pass.
One that lucky day, this time my Brother brought out with prospectus of IGNOU and tried to convince me for further education in distance and he said, in dialogue "even fill it and submit or give it to me filled-in, dammed", angrily. But, 2 years are enough to make you disinterested on studies. Anyhow, I was agreed to do studies disinterestedly and done all the submission process offline, then, by me.
Finding usual in official language, I chose 'BA (English)', attended the Sunday classes of subjects in first year and became many friends over their in the classes, and lecturers taught us point to point strictly ordered 'No badhmashi'. Now that seem my study track came to normal and disinterested transformed into interested and completed my degree.
Then, started working for local dailies and learned more about the field. Thereafter, the next level of education was found as 'PGJMC' that too available in IGNOU, one can do after two years of experience in any media organization, so I have done it too. That's how my track of studying is back again. Now, I am pursuing MEG in IGNOU, and writing and publishing few poems in 'The Mini India'.
So, my dear friends, Education is a Power and Institution is a Tool, be prepared to welcome opportunity that any time can knock your Door.
(Hearty thanks to my Brother, IGNOU and Gurus)

Citizens corner 04/04/2019

  • The political parties are playing like IPL teams these day. The players belongs to its original team are now joining other teams to play and win against its original team. Some BJP party members separately contesting the LS Elections and some INC member joins BJP. Like opportunists, changing teams for the benefit of themselves. Are they are trustworthy to get the support from voters? by this deed, how can one believe after winning the throne, they will work for the welfare of people.
  • City shivered after double murder of two ladies which was committed for some Rs.22,000/- in a furniture showroom by two young murderers in the city last week. It is serious concern about peoples safety and security, and urging police to deal with iron hands and give maximum punish to such criminal. So that nobody can dare to commit such crimes in future. Even after the information from police, there are still many unanswered questions are there as, from where murderers have been nabbed? Is one can take two lives for mere Rs.20,000/-? Is it the actual reason behind or not?
  • We are the Permanent Sanitary Workers in PBMC and have no knowledge of internet, net banking, email, etc. But our department is forcing us to use the term online. Now our department says, pay-slips will be sent to our email IDs despite we didn't have it. This month we got our salaries as 4000, others 6000 instead of our exact permanent salaries, says due to some reasons we are unable to understand. The authority should provide some training for us to make understand what is this email or internet.

ANC Decommissions Two Landing Craft Utility Ships

Port Blair, April 03: Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC) decommissioned Indian Naval (IN) Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Ships, L-38 and L-39 today in a ceremony at Naval Wharf, Port Blair on March 30, 2019. The Ships have been decommissioned after 32 years of glorious service to the nation.
Commodore Ashutosh Ridhorkar, VSM, Naval Component Commander of ANC presided over the solemn decommissioning ceremony.  Several senior officers including previous and present Commanding Officers and crew of the Ships were also present on the occasion.
During the ceremony at sunset, as the light faded, the Commissioning Pennants, Naval Ensigns and National Flags of both the warships were lowered for the last time. The Naval Guard and Band played in unison to salute the flags and paid tribute to the ships. 
MK-III class of Landing Craft Utility Ships, IN LCU, L-38 and L-39 were built by Goa Shipyard. These Ships were commissioned into the Indian Navy on 10th December 1986 and 25th March 1987 respectively. Lieutenant commander SS Gill was the first commanding officer of LCU 38 and Lieutenant commander K Nair for LCU 39. With a compliment of 03 officers and 50 Sailors, the Ships have undertaken countless beaching operations, surveillance patrols and participated in several exercises in their 32 years of yeoman service.
As the last of the MK-III class of LCUs get decommissioned, next generation LCU MK-IV will replace them. Out of the 08 LCU MK IV planned to be inducted into the flotilla of ANC, 05 have been inducted and 03 more will be inducted shortly.