Thursday, April 4, 2019

Citizens corner 04/04/2019

  • The political parties are playing like IPL teams these day. The players belongs to its original team are now joining other teams to play and win against its original team. Some BJP party members separately contesting the LS Elections and some INC member joins BJP. Like opportunists, changing teams for the benefit of themselves. Are they are trustworthy to get the support from voters? by this deed, how can one believe after winning the throne, they will work for the welfare of people.
  • City shivered after double murder of two ladies which was committed for some Rs.22,000/- in a furniture showroom by two young murderers in the city last week. It is serious concern about peoples safety and security, and urging police to deal with iron hands and give maximum punish to such criminal. So that nobody can dare to commit such crimes in future. Even after the information from police, there are still many unanswered questions are there as, from where murderers have been nabbed? Is one can take two lives for mere Rs.20,000/-? Is it the actual reason behind or not?
  • We are the Permanent Sanitary Workers in PBMC and have no knowledge of internet, net banking, email, etc. But our department is forcing us to use the term online. Now our department says, pay-slips will be sent to our email IDs despite we didn't have it. This month we got our salaries as 4000, others 6000 instead of our exact permanent salaries, says due to some reasons we are unable to understand. The authority should provide some training for us to make understand what is this email or internet.

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