Thursday, April 18, 2019

Citizens' Corner 18/04/2019

  • There are many guys, one can observe, especially teens, inactively present at many shady spots in the city. At first, I thought, their presence under shady spot due to summer heat. But later, it came know that, they are in another world alone like ‘Zombies’ in Hollywood movies, every day and evenings too by consuming 'Cannabis', may be easily available these days.

  • The A&N Police is occasionally comes up with press releases about nabbing drug peddlers at many places in city. But, the worthy A&N Police is yet to find out the real culprits behind the deals in import of such illegal 'Ganga' into these islands.

  • Many bureaucrats believes that, 'punishment is not the solution to control any crime', and authorities working towards creating awareness among criminals. But, in the modern era person commits crime and later police are left to solve the puzzle. At last, after many years of investigation and court proceedings, the criminal is being punished, that too if proved. Which gives easy message to the committers is as 'Justice is at far at distance'.

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