Friday, April 26, 2019

Few are branding personal clashes to communal difference to fulfill their cravings

Port Blair, Apr 24: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, popularly known as "Mini India" had been a peaceful nest for every citizens of our country belonging to different community, caste, religion and beliefs. For years, islanders had been sharing their sorrows and happiness without any differences. But recent developments have raised serious concerns for islanders. Today islanders who lived together with harmony to make these islands "Mini India" are having a question in their mind. Is islands communal and religious harmony under threat?
A recent incident in the city has made the people ask themselves, is there any communal difference among islanders? The issues begun with a clash between a worker and his owner on payment related issue, was dragged to communal difference. As per sources, two workers were engaged by a person for work at this place at Dollygunj, Siva Colony. On completion of work, there were deliberations between worker and the owner. The difference intensified to an extent that the owner man handled the worker in which the labour got injured Jagannath Borai of 35 yrs. Later the worker was taken to hospital and was provided with medical aid. Meantime police case was also registered against T. Abdulah, Haddo and P.R. Navin, Prem Nagar at Police Station. Being suffered with injuries, the worker was released from Hospital after treatment. This was the true story behind the entire issue behind the day's disturbance in the city. Few people from the Bengali community coloured the entire issue in such a way that the worker was attacked by owner because the worker was Bengali and basically from Kolkata. They did all these to fulfill their own desires. Today morning when the worker was released from Hospital, few so called representatives of Bengali community in isles, took the worker to honorable court premises along with hundreds of labourers. This is how few people branded the personal clash between worker and his owner to communal difference. It's time for the UT Administration, Law enforcement agenciesand islanders to identify all those who are misguiding poor people and provoking them to undertake activities which will create disturbance.

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