Thursday, April 4, 2019

“IGNOU in my life” - By Grigist

The Regional Director IGNOU Port Blair, Dr. S. Ganesan by acknowledging the contribution of ‘The Mini India’ towards IGNOU activities in the region, presenting a memento as ‘IGNOU Associate’ in 32nd Convocation function held at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium on April 03, 2019.

“IGNOU in my life”
- By Grigist
Special thanks to Dr. S. Ganesan sir, Regional Director IGNOU Port Blair for inviting me to the grand 32nd Convocation of IGNOU and honouring with a wonderful memento.
I, being a product of IGNOU, would like to share a bit about myself that, "What is IGNOU University for me in my life".
So there was a time, when I almost decided not to continue my education after XII during 2004 and have joined ANC on those days before the declaration of the CBSE board results. Obviously, being a little good in studies, I have successfully completed XII, but I did not look to admission in colleges, and usually my work is going on in ANC as a DRM (Computer Operator).
My brother who was a graduate already, use to guide me many times to join degree colleges. But, I, being an observer around society, I have seen the problems of unemployment, especially highly qualified doing usual jobs, and least qualified are earning something to look after their respective families.
By observing all that, in reply, I use to explain my brother, why not I should do my work, work and work. Then, time has passed upto 2 years. Then, I have got two years experience of work, but my qualification still XII pass.
One that lucky day, this time my Brother brought out with prospectus of IGNOU and tried to convince me for further education in distance and he said, in dialogue "even fill it and submit or give it to me filled-in, dammed", angrily. But, 2 years are enough to make you disinterested on studies. Anyhow, I was agreed to do studies disinterestedly and done all the submission process offline, then, by me.
Finding usual in official language, I chose 'BA (English)', attended the Sunday classes of subjects in first year and became many friends over their in the classes, and lecturers taught us point to point strictly ordered 'No badhmashi'. Now that seem my study track came to normal and disinterested transformed into interested and completed my degree.
Then, started working for local dailies and learned more about the field. Thereafter, the next level of education was found as 'PGJMC' that too available in IGNOU, one can do after two years of experience in any media organization, so I have done it too. That's how my track of studying is back again. Now, I am pursuing MEG in IGNOU, and writing and publishing few poems in 'The Mini India'.
So, my dear friends, Education is a Power and Institution is a Tool, be prepared to welcome opportunity that any time can knock your Door.
(Hearty thanks to my Brother, IGNOU and Gurus)

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