Friday, May 24, 2019

Kuldeep Rai Sharma finally wins A&N Lok Sabha seat

Port Blair, May 23: The counting of votes for the lone parliamentary seat from Andaman & Nicobar constituency was taken up at JNRM campus this morning. As expected well in advance, it turned out to be a two-horse race between the Indian National Congress and the BJP candidates. The BJP candidate Vishal Jolly took the lead right from the first round. He maintained the lead round after round up to the 12th round causing a scare of defeat in the hearts of the Congress candidate Kuldeep Rai Sharma and his supporters. But, when everyone in the Congress party thought it a lost game, after trailed all through from Diglipur to Port Blair, in the 13th round of counting it was Little Andaman which came to the rescue of the luck come to the trailing candidate Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma.
Kuldeep who was trailing by about 10000 votes, reduced the lead to about 3000. With the remaining two rounds being Nicobar and Campbell Bay, which are traditionally considered a Congress stronghold, the prospects of Kuldeep winning the final battle brightened. And Nicobar voters did not disappoint the Congress candidate yet again. The deficit was wiped out and Kuldeep gained the lead first time in the 14th round. The 15th and the final round from Nicobars itself further consolidated the lead, sealing the fate of BJP candidate Vishal Jolly, and Indian National Congress and the BJP candidate Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma recorded his winning by 1407 votes.
Finally it has turned out to be third time lucky for Kuldeep Rai Sharma who had tasted defeat on two previous occasions. While it was a gloomy election outcome for the Indian National Congress all over the country with its own president Rahul Gandhi losing from Amethi, the voters in remote Andaman & Nicobar Islands gave the party supporters a reason to smile.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pond at “Mukthi Dhaam” in contaminated condition

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, May 15: The dilapidated condition of Digghy (Pond) situated in Mukthi Dhaam (Burial Ground) at Junglighat. The Digghy is provided to perform bath as per rituals by family members of the deceased before during cremation of a dead. But, the condition of water in the Digghy is contaminated and full of dirt and plants grown and dilapidated upto the degree of a gutter now. People demands to timely maintenance of the Digghy, urge the PBMC to maintain Swachh Bharat not only road side, but also in such water source areas as Digghy (Pond) and Wells at different areas in the city. Especially, at the important place like Mukthi Dhaam (Burial Ground) at Junglighat, where people come to follow ritual performances.
Speaking to this correspondent, the Sanitary Officer (PBMC) said, 'he will direct the concerned work force to look into", as he is in Chennai these days.

“ANIIMS creates confusion in treatment in GB Pant Hospital”, “Medical equipments under dilapidation” - citizen demands refinement

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, May 15: The mighty sanatorium of A&N Islands 'GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair' is running hopelessly these days.
Sharing an experience with this correspondent, citizens have narrated their dismay over GB Pant Hospital during the course of treatment of their relatives. "Queues are common sight in the hospital from taking OPD slip to the medication, the entire process is become a challenge for patient since long, and of course, recently have started preferring patients to consult the doctors depending upon emergencies and illnesses. It is also observed that the when they find any case of urgency, the doctors come to a confusion as, who will look after the case? among many junior or senior doctors, as they are left upto their choice like headless", "many times doctors are not found in their seats or chambers and nurses manages to say 'doctors not available' don't know when he will come", said some residents Dollygunj. "But, nepotism is at high, especially consulting doctors, entry and medicine issue counters", they added.
"Govt. has investing crores of rupees on health sector in the islands to provide better treatment and facilities to the patients, but the equipment as life-supporting vehicle, MRI machine, surgery related equipment are always found under disrepair, and sending private clinics to make a diagnosis, even patients referred to MIOT for treatments under scheme is also found advised to go again to MIOT for after surgery needs, which can be done here in GB Pant, if all equipments and doctors would work together. But, in vain, poor patients who gone through some surgeries in referred hospital at Chennai have been forced to revisit Chennai for after surgery requirements".

“Battle of Aberdeen”

The Battle of Aberdeen, on the Andaman Islands of India close to Port Blair, was an armed conflict that occurred on May 14, 1859 (according to Portman but 17 May according to other sources) between the natives of the Andaman islands, armed with arrows and spears, and the gun-bearing officers and to some extent the convicts (Indian independence activists) of the Ross Island Penal Colony. There had been skirmishes with the British colonials right from 1857 when the penal settlement was established. The plan of the impending attack by the natives was revealed by Dudhnath Tewari, an escaped convict who had lived with them. Tewari, convict number 276, had escaped on 6 April 1858 with several other prisoners from Ross Island and had been taken prisoner by the tribals after the others had been killed. Tewari had then been accepted and allowed to live with the tribals, and even made to marry two tribal girls. When he heard of the plan to attack the prison colony, Tewari returned on 23rd April to inform the superintendent of the penal colony, Dr J.P. Walker of the impending attack. The natives armed with only bows and arrows, spears and knives while the British army used guns. Tewari had been imprisoned for his desertion and role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and his account has been questioned by some authors.
The prelude to the battle was long drawn out series of skirmishes. On 6th April 1859, 248 convicts were shot at with arrows by 200 tribals on Haddo. On 14th April another bunch of convicts were attacked at noon by 1,500 armed tribals. The convicts were forced to jump into the sea to escape. The tribals were described as showing intent to attack only those who did not have fetters (legcuffs) on them. According to the account of Portman, the Andamanese objected to the destruction of the jungle by clearings that were being made by convict workgangs. On 28th April a seaman aboard the schooner Charlotte was struck by an arrow off North Point and Dr Walker forbade anyone from landing there. On 14th May, the tribals attacked Aberdeen from Atlanta Point. The navy schooner Charlotte was nearby and fired its guns at the tribals. The British fended themselves with guns, and the natives never returned to fight again. Shortly after this incident Dr Walker resigned from duty and was succeeded by Colonel J.C. Haughton. (The Hindu)

Awareness of Distance Education among School Children

-by Dr. S. Ganesan
Normally the school children know the stages of education from first standard to 12th standard at school level.  Beyond school education, they have little knowledge about college / university level higher education.  Due to the remoteness and isolation of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the exposure of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) System is minimum to school children.  Then, how to increase their awareness on Open and Distance Education system of learning?  By just asking following questions to school children, they will be sensitized towards distance education methodology of teaching-learning.
* Basic concepts of Distance Education and Open Learning: Are they same?
* Self-learning skills for distance learners:  Why necessary?
* Student support services in Open & Distance Learning system: How it is done?
* Reaching the Unreached Population for higher education:  Jail inmates can study?
* Flexibilities of ODL system:  Mention 8 -10 flexibilities.
* Role of National Institute of Open Schooling for school level education:  To complete 10th Std. or +2 Standard?\
* State Open Universities in India: Write about Tamil Nadu State Open University.
* National Open University - IGNOU: What is its organizational structure in ANI?
* Dual mode Universities: Mention few Centres of Directorate of Distance Education of Tamil Nadu Universities in ANI and the Courses
* Bachelor Preparatory programme of IGNOU: School drop-outs can study
* Under-graduate (UG) degree courses offered in ODL system: List atleast 20-25  UG Courses
* Distance Education as 'Discipline': Write about M.A., in Distance Education.
* Jurisdiction of Universities: Which are the Universities having ANI under their Jurisdiction
* Recognition of degrees obtained from ODL system: Is it at par with regular College
* Modular pattern of Education: Write few lines about Lateral Entry system in admission
* Entrance tests in ODL:  It is conducted for all Courses?
* Gyandarshan - the Educational TV channel of India - in ODL system: Write 5-sentences.
* Credit System - Credit Transfer Process: Explain
* Higher education opportunities in ANI: List all regular colleges / institutes in ANI.
* Mobility of distance learners during study period: Anytime, anywhere is allowed?
* Academic Counselling, Video-class, and Tele-class: Write short notes on each.
* Drop-outs in ODL system: Who is called as 'Drop-out'?
* Web support services: Mention few services provided at IGNOU website.
* Online and offline admission procedures: What it means?
* Suggestions to IGNOU, RC, Port Blair: Write any five ideas.
Thinking on the possible answers, the school children will get some basic knowledge on Distance Education.  To create awareness on Distance Education, the Regional Centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) at Port Blair is organizing Essay Writing Competition on 'Distance Education' during the summer vocation.  (The details are hereunder):
Topic:  Distance Education Opportunities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands Competition Details:   Hand written Mode Essay Writing; can be prepared at home also; Language of Essay:   Essay should be in English (or) Hindi language only Objectives: To create awareness about the Open and Distance Learning System among the School children (9 to 12 Standards) Words Limit:   within the range of 1200 to 1500 words; Diagrams / pictures/photos /graphs / tables / block diagrams etc. are permitted. A-4 size ruled or un-ruled plain paper; both side should be used for writing Essay;  Simple thread to tie-up the papers; use of plastic / binding file / plastic covers/ spiral binding/ stick cover etc. are not permitted; avoid plastics in any form for Essay Competition Eligibility of Participant: School students studying 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th standard in 2019-20 academic session.  One entry per Student is permitted.  Schools within Port Blair city limit only. Fees:  Free-Entry without any charges Period:  From 15th May to 15 July 2019 Last Date of Submission:  15th July 2019 Channel of Submission; Essay in sealed cover is to be routed, through the Principal of the School, to reach the IGNOU Regional Centre, Port Blair, well before last date.  (Student to Principal to IGNOU RC) Organizer: The Regional Centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University at Kannada Sangha Building, Mohanpura, Port Blair, A & N Islands.  Phone 03192-242888, 230111, Organizing Secretary:  Dr.T.R.Satyakeerthy, Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU, RC, Port Blair, Mobile: 9446372105 Evaluation: By a team of experts in distance education /English /Hindi; RC will coordinate.
Prizes: First, Second, Third Position and two consolation prizes in Hindi; similarly, for English Essay too (medals) Certificate:  Participation Certificate will be provided to all participants and special Memento will be provided to all participating Schools (as IGNOU-Associate) Certificate Distribution Function:  Will be in the Auditorium of Anthropological Survey of India (250 Seats capacity) Date will be end of July 2019 preferably on Sunday fore-noon. Chief Guest:  Secretary - Education or Director-Directorate of Education, ANI Administration Collaborators:  A joint venture of Directorate of Education ANI Administration,  All Principals of the Schools; National Institute of Open Schooling; Budget:  Nearly Rs.50,000/- estimated.
 By showing the alternative channels of higher education, even the 10th (or) +2 failed student will get his / her motivation to continue higher education through ODL mode.  Based on the success in the attempt of IGNOU, it will be expanded further in all parts of ANI and the periodical awareness camps will be organized throughout the year at various Schools in ANI.  Let the awareness spread widely and the academic benefit reach as much student population as possible in our Islands.

(The author is Regional Director of IGNOU, Regional Centre, Port Blair and can be reached at (M-8900936718)