Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cyber crimes is on rise allover India; Islanders fall prey of traps; A&N Police at rescue operation

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, June 05: Cyber crime is on rise in allover India with new tactics, surprisingly, many in our islands fall prey of such traps, a simple response to phone calls, text messages and emails by unknown persons/ bogus organizations, causes monetary loss to innocent people.
No doubt, our worthy A&N Police has solved many complaints; especially by the Cyber Cell for Economics Offence Wing solve such cases, if reported on time.
However, citizens of the islands need to be alert while attending such false calls, say "you won valuable items", "you won lottery of some billions", likewise to hack your mind. Later, they may demand you for money. Similarly, the fraudster may say themselves as bank employees or departmental employees by saying anything at the end they will ask your bank details or ATM card numbers. If anyone one follows them, that will be a big mistake, and ultimately you can became a victim of cyber fraud. 
The police sources says, during investigation in many cases relating to cyber crimes, neither any persons exists nor any companies came out to meet the end of such cases and found nothing after investigations. All the KYC documents of fraud persons used to get SIM card or manage Bank Accounts are found non-existed.
Now the million dollar question is that, how the telecommunication companies are issuing SIM cards without verifying documents properly, despite the fingerprint activation launched in the recent past? However, issuing a SIM card to fraudsters is an advantage are then, creating their wallet accounts in every readily available MobileApps these days. Thus, all the telecommunication companies are needed to be honest on their part to eradicate a big hurdle in digitalization of India.
Till then, citizens must ignore such calls as much as possible.

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