Thursday, July 25, 2019

Citizens' Corner 25/07/2019

* We didn't see much development in Port Blair as Smart City, but it's (PBMC's) EE, AE & JE are proved them self as Really Smart. Allegedly, involved in an 80 Lakh "Gapla" has come under limelight on Plastic Disposal Project.

* Plastic pet bottles of cold drink or water will put the environment at danger one day. Even at some receptions of 1000 people gathering are used to use packed pet water bottles these days, in an average 10 reception are happening in the city and the use of plastic bottles use is increase 100000 a day, apart from tourists in the Port Blair.

* Quality transparency, but compromised materials? Candidates these days, who have appeared for the written exams for various posts are alleges that, "Questions papers are unilingual i.e. English instead of bilingual i.e. Hindi & English which causes difficulty to other mediums. Moreover, answer sheet i.e. OMR sheets these days are provided as Xerox copy without QR or BAR Codes", which makes our eye brows high, beyond our idea!

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