Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cyber crimes is on rise allover India; Islanders fall prey of traps; A&N Police at rescue operation

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, June 05: Cyber crime is on rise in allover India with new tactics, surprisingly, many in our islands fall prey of such traps, a simple response to phone calls, text messages and emails by unknown persons/ bogus organizations, causes monetary loss to innocent people.
No doubt, our worthy A&N Police has solved many complaints; especially by the Cyber Cell for Economics Offence Wing solve such cases, if reported on time.
However, citizens of the islands need to be alert while attending such false calls, say "you won valuable items", "you won lottery of some billions", likewise to hack your mind. Later, they may demand you for money. Similarly, the fraudster may say themselves as bank employees or departmental employees by saying anything at the end they will ask your bank details or ATM card numbers. If anyone one follows them, that will be a big mistake, and ultimately you can became a victim of cyber fraud. 
The police sources says, during investigation in many cases relating to cyber crimes, neither any persons exists nor any companies came out to meet the end of such cases and found nothing after investigations. All the KYC documents of fraud persons used to get SIM card or manage Bank Accounts are found non-existed.
Now the million dollar question is that, how the telecommunication companies are issuing SIM cards without verifying documents properly, despite the fingerprint activation launched in the recent past? However, issuing a SIM card to fraudsters is an advantage are then, creating their wallet accounts in every readily available MobileApps these days. Thus, all the telecommunication companies are needed to be honest on their part to eradicate a big hurdle in digitalization of India.
Till then, citizens must ignore such calls as much as possible.

ZSI organises workshop to mark World Environment Day

Port Blair, June 05: The Zoological survey of India (ZSI), Andaman and Nicobar Regional Centre, Port Blair organised a one day workshop on Island Biodiversity in its auditorium today to mark the World Environment Day. Mr. Tarun Coomar, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Principal Secretary (Environment & Forests), Andaman and Nicobar Islands was the chief guest on the occasion.
Delivering the inaugural address on the occasion, Shri Coomar said all stakeholders along with people must join and work together to protect and conserve Mother Earth.  He gave a brief overview of the work being under taken by the organisations like CIARI, ZSI, and Indian Coast Guard amongst others to protect and conserve the environment.
In his address, Dr. A. Kundu, Director, Central Island Agricultural Research Institute (CIARI), Port Blair shared various researches being carried out or contemplated by CIARI to study the unique biodiversity of the islands.
Speaking on the occasion, Inspector General M.V. PATHAK, Commander Indian Coast Region (A&N) informed that the Indian Coast Guard planted over one lakhs trees during last one year. He said Indian Coast Guard is also working for protecting and preserving environment as part of the social responsibility.
Earlier, Dr. C Sivaperuman, Officer-in-Charge, ZSI, Port Blair welcomed the guests and highlighted the importance of World Environment day. He informed the gathering about the biodiversity of the islands and urged everyone to plant trees on life events like birthdays and anniversaries. Dr. M S Soundarapandian, Principal, Andaman Law college also shared his views on the occasion.   
Scientists, researchers, teachers and students of various institutes from Andaman and Nicobar Islands were present on the occasion. As a part of World Environment Day Celebration 2019, ZSI, Port Blair organized various programmes/initiatives including Campus Cleaning activities, cleanliness drive in Marina Park, Exhibition of faunal diversity of A & N Islands through LED displays, pamphlets & brochures and Illumination of office building with Green LED light. ZSI has also planned painting competition for the School / College students on 15th of this month and coastal cleaning in Middle Andaman. The World Environment Day 2019 is being hosted by China, with a theme of "Beat Air Pollution".

Environmental Education for Every Citizen

Dr. S. Ganesan
Regional Director, IGNOU
Environment is every body’s business. It has been observed that many individuals, who have the benefit of education and are actively engaged in their professionals are often have strong desire to educate themselves on environmental matters. They also want to play a significant role in environmental management. To facilitate them, a number of courses on environment are offered through regular university system and Open and Distance Learning System. For example IGNOU provides following environment education programmes:
Certificate in Environmental Studies:
 The programme is of use to general public, at every age and at all levels of formal and non-formal education. Professionals, ecologists, hydrologists, foresters, landscape architects, administrators and planners, engineers, industrialists, agriculturists, etc. will find this programme useful. The NGOs with their dissemination capabilities shall also find it useful.

Appreciation Course on Environment:
Environment is everybody’s business. It has been observed that many individuals, who have the benefit of education and are actively engaged in their professions, often have strong desire to educate themselves one environmental matter. They also want to play a significant role in environmental management of their neighborhood. Sometimes, due to misinformation or availability of excessive information on a subject, these individuals despite their enlightened background, are not in a position to appreciate significant environmental issues. They are also sometimes misled by adverse propaganda. Owing to these reasons, the Appreciation course on Environment has been developed by the university in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, as a non-credit awareness course.

Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health
The Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health (PGDEOH) focuses on assessing the public health risks associated with biological, chemical, physical, biomechanical and psychosocial hazards in natural and built environments. Environmental health specialists focus on the effect of environmental pollution on the health of human beings. The human health is a reflection of socio-economic and physical environment. The main link between the workplace and the general environment is that the source of the hazard is usually the same, whether it is an agriculture activity or an industrial activity. The programme aims at various concepts related to general environment, environment at the work place, related hazards and evaluation of health risk assessment by providing solutions to various aspects of environmental health occupational hazard management, epidemiology, health policy and management, and environmental health promotion. The successful learners will be able to work with health practitioners, researchers and policy makers to develop, evaluate and monitor health policies, programmes and practices related to health environments.

Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development
Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development has been developed by the School of Science, IGNOU in collaboration with the South Asia Foundation Learning Initiative and other Open Universities of the SAARC region, namely, Open University of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Open University, Allama Iqbal Open University, Pakistan, B.R. Ambedkar Open university, Hyderabad and BRAC University, Bangladesh.

 The objectives of environment education are:
·         Create environmental consciousness among professionals, academicians and other members of society who can play an active part in opinion making within the society so that corrective environmental action could be encouraged;
·         Facilitate development of environmental leadership among individuals who may organize/participate in environment upgradation programmes.
·         Disseminate information and exchange knowledge and experiences gained in the pursuit of the goal of sustainable development.
·         Strengthen regional co-operation in environmental capacity building especially in the area of environmental management.
·         Educate and train individuals from different walks of life, viz, development functionaries, government, officials, journalists, policy makers, farmers, industries, grassroots workers, environmentalists who have a stake in protecting the environment as well as ensuring a better quality of life for the people of their countries.
·         Disseminate information on national and international  environmental issues;

Target populations for Environmental Education are:
·         Development functionaries
·         Government officials
·         Journalists
·         Policy makers
·         Farmers/agriculturists
·         Industrialists
·         Grassroots workers
·         Environmentalists
·         Ecologists
·         Hydrologists
·         Foresters
·         Landscape architects
·         Administrators and Planners
·         Engineers

We live on earth in different types of surroundings. This surrounding is our environment. We eat, breathe, clothe ourselves, reproduce and then die. The next generation comes and the cycle goes on; and the human race flourishes one earth. The physical environment on the earth provides favorable conditions for the existence and growth of different life forms, including man. These living beings constitute the biological environment. Both the physical and biological environments are in a close interaction with each other and form a stable self perpetuating system. In prehistoric days man lived in harmony with nature; but in the course of his evolution, man has developed a new type of environment, the man made environment. Man is a social animal; the socio-cultural environment also plays an important role in his life.

Each and every living organism has specific surroundings or medium with which it continuously interacts and to which it is fully adapted. This surrounding is the ‘natural environment’. The word ‘natural environment’ brings to mind broad aspects of landscape such as soil, water, desert or mountains which can be more exactly described in terms of physical influences such as differences in moisture. Temperature, textures of soil and biological influences. Thus, environment is the sum total of living and non -living components; influences and events surrounding an organism. Living components are called ‘biotic’ components while non-living are called ‘abiotic’ components.
No organism can live alone without interacting with other organisms so each has other organisms as a necessary part of its environment. We know that all animals are directly or indirectly dependent upon green plants. However, plants also depend on animals for a few things such as pollination of flowers and dispersal of seeds or fruits.
Insufficient Public Awareness and its reasons
Public awareness can play a vital role in environmental management. Damage to environment is caused by the activities of individuals who are not conscious and who do not have adequate knowledge of the environment. For example, when we cut forests on a large scale to get timber and fuel wood or clear land for agriculture, we damage the environment. Similarly, when we through liquid or solid wastes into ponds, rivers, lakes or oceans. We damage the aquatic environment. When pollutants in large quantities are allowed to enter the atmosphere, it leads to air pollution. We learnt that unscientific agricultural practices and unplanned industrial processes and even grazing of pastures can damage the environment. There is no doubt that agriculture is essential, grazing of animals is unavoidable, forests have to be harvested for their produce, industries and thermal power plants have to be set up, dams have to be built and automobiles have to run for transporting people and goods. We cannot do away with these. However, we can certainly do these things in a scientific and planned manner so that the balance of the ecosystem does not get disturbed. Every natural system has a limited capacity to absorb shocks. If these shocks exceed the limit, repair becomes difficult.
 For example, if we harvest mature trees from a forest and leave the young one’s to grow, the forest will continue to grow and provide timber and fuel continuously. Similarly, if a water body receives biodegradable wastes in a controlled way, which means that it does not contain toxic chemicals, the water body can take care of the wastes without undergoing drastic changes. However, if the same water body is used for dumping all kinds of wastes in unlimited quantities, the water body will become polluted, resulting in damage and death of the aquatic life in it. If the pastures are used for grazing of animals in a scientific manner, the pasture can remain useful indefinitely. However, if the pasture is overgrazed, greenery will soon vanish. Wind and water erosion will take away the fertile soil and the area will be rendered barren.
Thus we can use our natural resources and environment in two possible ways. The one, where the environment is not endangered and we get the benefits indefinitely. The other alternative is to use the resources and environment, in an unscrupulous manner. In the latter case, we may get more benefits for some time, no doubt, but in the long run we will be the losers. Obviously, every wise person would like to go for the first alternative. However, many a time people adopt the second alternative due to ignorance and lack of information. For example, if a herdsman is told of the consequences of overgrazing, he would never like to go for it. Similarly, if a person living in a forest is explained about the ill-effects of over-exploitation of forests, he would like to desist from it. Therefore, the important point is to make people aware of these things. Hence, environmental awareness becomes imperative.
(The author is Regional Director of IGNOU, Regional Centre, Port Blair and can be reached at (M-8900936718)

Admission to UG courses in colleges; last date of submission of application is June 25

Port Blair, June 05: Candidates seeking for admission to UG Courses for the Academic session 2019-20 can apply by login on The last date for online submission of application form for admission to UG Courses is June 25, 2019. No application will be received or entertained directly (offline) in the colleges.

IGNOU RC Open at 9 am in June

Port Blair, June 05: To facilitate the Examinees of June Term End Exam, the Regional Centre of IGNOU will function at 9 am onwards, during June month, during the June month, the RC office will be open at 9 am during its working days (Monday to Friday).  Due to this, the last minute approach of examinees at RC will be handled well - in - advance. For all exam related matters, the examinees are advised to meet the exam centre Superintendent, during 9 am to 6 pm (no lunch break) at their respective exam centre.  At Regional Centre, they may meet Shri Joji K Simon, Assistant Executive (Data Processing) or call 03192-242888 or email to

Kala Kendra to conduct Course

Port Blair, June 05: 'Kala Kendra' - A&N Islands Society for Promotion of Art & Culture under Department of Art & Culture will be conducting five days Film Appreciation Course from 19th-23nd June 2019 at Port Blair in collaboration with Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. The day class will be conducted at Andaman Club from 9.00 am -5.30 p.m.  The intake capacity of the workshop is for 100 participants only.  The course fee will be Rs 2000/-per participant. Interested persons can register their names at the office of Kala Kendra Society at Cellular Jail Complex latest by forenoon of 10th June 2018. For further information one may contact 231399 during working hours/days.

PS Aberdeen police team solves a burglary case within a day with 100% recovery

Port Blair, June 05: On 01/06/2019 a written complaint from Shri Mohd. Haneefa S/o Shri M. Hamza (45) yrs. R/o Round Basti, Aberdeen Village was received at PS Aberdeen about theft of gold ornaments from his house on 31/05/19 night. Upon this, a special team intercepted one person namely Mohammad Shahid S/o Shri. Iqubal 45 yrs R/o Round Basti. Later, during interrogation, he accepted his guilt and stated that he had stolen the gold ornaments from the house of Mohd. Haneefa on 01/06/19 by breaking the back door and entire gold has been pawned at Muthoot Finance, Junglighat and got cash Rs.1.56 Lakhs.  Later, the entire cash along with all stolen gold articles were recovered and also freezed his bank account. With this, the case of burglary has been solved with in a day with 100% recovery.  The entire operation took place under the direction of Inspr. Sanjay Kumar, SHO PS Aberdeen and overall supervision of SDPO (SA) Shri Ajay Rai.

Lt. Governor, A&N Islands called on President of India, Prime Minster of India and other Ministers

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.), the Lt. Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Shri Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi on Saturday (01.06.2019). The President was briefed about the progress of ongoing transformational infrastructure, connectivity and tourism projects in A&N Islands through IDA with the support of NITI Aayog and schemes which are to be implemented in the next phase.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.), the Lt. Governor, A&N Islands & Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India at New Delhi on Friday (31.05.2019). He extended his warm wishes and congratulated him on behalf of A&N Administration and the Islanders. He also briefed him about the ongoing progress of transformational infrastructure, connectivity and tourism projects being steered through IDA in the Islands and schemes which are to be taken up in the next phase.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.),  Lt Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Shri Amit Shah, Hon'ble Union Home Minister at New Delhi on Sunday (02.06.2019). The Hon'ble Minister was briefed about the ongoing/planned transformational infrastructure, connectivity and tourism projects under the aegis of IDA in the Islands with the support of NITI Aayog.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM,YSM,NM,VSM (Retd.), Lt Governor, A&N Islands & Vice-Chairman Islands Development Agency called on Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon'ble Minister of Defence at New Delhi on Sunday (02.06.2019). The Hon'ble Minister was briefed about the status of ongoing/planned programs under the aegis of IDA with the support of NITI Aayog and other strategic projects in the Islands.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.), Lt Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon'ble Minister of Civil Aviation, Government of India, at New Delhi on Sunday (02.06.2019). Various issues regarding expediting UDAN schemes in the Islands, project of new Greenfield Airports at Port Blair/Campbell Bay and providing early Inter Island connectivity by Helicopters & Seaplanes were discussed.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.), Lt Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Shri Raja Rao Inderjit Singh, Hon'ble Minister of State (I/C) for Statistics and Programme Implementation at New Delhi on Sunday (02.06.2019). Various issues regarding inter Ministerial/Agency coordination for ongoing transformational infrastructure, connectivity and tourism projects under the aegis of IDA and schemes to be implemented in next phase in the Islands were discussed.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.) Hon'ble Lt Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Dr. Harsh Vardhan,  Hon'ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare Minister of Science & Technology, and Minister of Earth Sciences at New Delhi on Sunday (02.06.2019). Various issues regarding requirement of additional Doctors including specialists and provisions of additional medical Ultra Sono Graph/Dialysis hardware in the Islands were discussed.

Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.), the Lt. Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency called on Shri Prakash Javadekar, the Minister of Environment Forest & Climate Change and Minister of Information and Broadcasting at New Delhi on Saturday (01.06.2019). Various issues regarding environmental clearances and land use availability for IDA-steered transformational projects in A&N Islands with the support of NITI Aayog as sustainable development model were discussed.

Pulwama Terror Attack: A & N Police donates one day salary to the families of CRPF Martyrs

Port Blair, May 29: In solidarity with the families of CRPF martyrs in the dastardly Pulwama terror attack Andaman & Nicobar Police donated one day salary for the martyrs fund. All the officers and men of A & N Police have voluntarily contributed their one day basic salary. 
On 27th May, 2019 the Director General of Police, A & N Islands, Shri DependraPathak, IPS handed over the demand draft of Rs.26,25,775/- in favour of "CRPF Shaheed Fund (CWA)" to Shri. Antony Jenson, Commandant, CRPF. The voluntary contribution will go into the accounts of the family members of the martyrs who lost their lives in Pulwama attack.

Newly elected Member of Parliament called on Hon’ble Lt. Governor

Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma elected as the Member of the House of the People from A&N Islands Parliamentary Constituency called on Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.) Lt. Governor, A&N Islands and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency today at Raj Niwas. He was congratulated & extended best wishes for his tenure.

Kuldeep thanks Islanders

Port Blair, May 29: After being elected as Member of Parliament of ANI Parliamentary Constituency, Kuldeep Rai Sharma has thanked the islanders from the core of his heart and has expressed his sincere gratitude to all the islanders for having faith in him and giving him a chance to serve them. He has assured that he will leave no stone unturned for the overall development of the Islands.

Jolly expresses gratitude

Port Blair, May 29: The BJP State President, Vishal Jolly has expressed gratitude to all the voters of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, A&N BJP State office bearers, Booth Committee members, A&N BJP Party leaders and workers, Alliance Parties AIADMK & DMDK leaders and workers, A&N Administration, A&N Election Dept., Officials and employees on election duties, Police and security personnel, press and media persons and to every supporters of BJP in the Lok Sabha Election 2019.

Campbell Bay police arrest 6 cheats from Delhi

Port Blair, May 29: The staff of PS Campbell Bay cracked a cheating case by arresting 06 accused persons from Delhi-NCR region on May 24, 2019. These accused persons duped complainant Shri Rakesh Tirkey resident of Campbell Bay by luring him to invest into their 03 companies and promised him huge profit in return. After initial investment of Rs 3,50,000/-, in 2014, the complainant received some electronic items and he was also promised some profit for his initial investment. The complainant was further lured to invest approximately total amount of 40 lakhs to 03 fraud companies namely M/s Shopit Marketing Private Limited, M/s Unique Mart Private Limited and M/s IDS Marketing Private Limited by persuading him through frequent telephone calls in 2015. Complainant transferred the amount in multiple accounts through online banking. After that all the telephone and mobile numbers were switched off and complainant realized that he was cheated of his hard earned money. A case U/s 420/34 IPC was registered in 2018 in PS Campbell Bay and investigation was handed over to Inspector Vishal Ram, SHO Campbell Bay. After doing his homework, the team under the leadership of SHO Vishal Ram consisting HC/ Ashwini Kr. Singh of PS Nancowrie and PC/ K.A Siddique of PS Campbell Bay proceeded to Delhi to apprehend the accused persons in April 2019. Total six accused persons were arrested from Delhi with the help of Special Staff Unit of South District, Delhi Police. All the accused persons namely 1. Narendra Sharma, 2. Tanuj Talwar, 3. Imamuddin Ansari, 4. Rakesh Abrol, 5. Sunil Kumar Yadav and 6. Shyam Sharma were brought to Port Blair on 20/05/2019 and produced before Honourable Court.
Further investigation is also being conducted to unearth names of more victims of their modus operandi. General public is cautioned not to fall pray of such fraudsters who claim to give exorbitant profits in lieu of investment and verify the antecedents of companies before investing in them.

Eminent Bharatnatyam exponent Ms Deepti Parol to conduct Workshop cum Demonstration from June 10 – 13, 2019

Port Blair, May 29: The Kala Kendra, a society under the Department of Art & Culture has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SPICMACY- A Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth, which is an internationally acclaimed cultural organization. As part of MOU, the Kala Kendra Society will be organizing "A Workshop cum Demonstration on Bharatanatyam for Schools & College students of A&N Islands from 10th - 13th June 2019 in Andaman Club, Port Blair.
The workshop will be conducted in two sessions i.e from Morning 10am-12pm and afternoon 2pm-4pm.
The purpose of the Workshop cum Demonstration is to provide a platform to young artist to interact with the maestro and renowned artiste. This will also help these students in enriching the education process by exposing to the rich Indian Classical Music and Dance. 
The event will be presented/ conducted by Deepti Parol, a versatile Bharatanatyam artist, who had the privilege of performing at some of the great events such as Natyanjali festivals in Tanjore, Soorya festivals, Madras Music Academy, Mysore Pallavotsav besides performing in many foreign countries. 
The program is free and open to all children and students in both genders and all age groups preferably 6 - 30 years. Interested participants can register their names at the office of Kala Kendra Society at Cellular Jail Complex latest by forenoon of 7th June 2018.
For further information Smti Amrita Singh, Programme Officer may be contacted over phone no. 231399 during working hours/days.