Thursday, July 11, 2019

“Curbing double employment is the solution to unemployment problem”- Citizen

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, July 10: Despite of some possible opportunities available for youths, unemployment is still remaining a concern due to various reasons in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
In the Government Sector: except A&N Police, IRBn, and A&N Fire Service, most of the departments have open gates for entry of mainland candidates while filling up any vacancy in the A&N Administration through online or by offline, which finally leads to grab the opportunities of islanders in the absence of domicile (law) in the A&N Islands.
Secondly, the recent recruitment of about 1000 MTS posts filled by A&N Administration for various departments in the A&N Islands. One can scrutinize, several highly qualified (B.Tech., Post Graduate, B.Ed., and Engineering, etc.) candidates were also applied for the Metric pass jobs (Multi Task Staff), and got selected for respective jobs as per merit, and the actual Metric or Intermediate qualified candidates were failed to compete with highly qualified due to obvious reasons.
In the Private Sector: here are vast opportunities available in the Islands for youths, thanks to our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, for launching various loan schemes since 2015 to help the youths who have dreams to become entrepreneurs. Some youths are engaged with business groups like Tourism, Travels, Small & Micro Industries, Showrooms, Merchant Shops and Sales and Supplies, etc. in the A&N Islands and earning for their livelihood.
Still the concern of unemployment is one rise in the islands among youths due to some surprising reasons. Speaking to this correspondent an Auto-rickshaw driver said, "Sir, I am an Auto-rickshaw driver and driving Auto-rickshaw only, and I don't have any other job, just by this I am earning for my family. But, here are many Auto-rickshaws running in the city are driving by government servants especially the PBMC department workmen. Despite of their government service, they are competing in our business, what to do?"
Another private worker from Hut Bay, Little Andaman revealed a shocking tale on condition of anonymity, that "a Junior Engineer of Electricity Department at Hut Bay apart from his salary, is in regular practice of drawing payment in the name of a DRM (his wife) who never present in office, but always present in the attendance sheet for past a year". 
As per reliable sources, it is come to the notice that many government servants are involved in various businesses in the name of another person (Benami) from driving Auto-rickshaws to supplying items to the Departments and from Tourism Business to plying vehicles on lease in various departments. Consequently, the opportunities which are open to unemployed youths are getting closed by the greedy minds of government servants at several occasions. Thus, "unemployed youths are demanding for a strict vigilance to find the unhealthy minds in the A&N Administration which are becoming an obstacle between unemployed youths and opportunities. Curbing double employment is the solution to unemployment in the islands", says a citizen.

Diversion of domestic LPG cylinders; Civil Supplies Deptt. conducts inspection; seizes 56 cylinders

Port Blair, July 10: The Department of Civil Supplies & Consumers Affairs is receiving frequent complaints from various corners of this UT, regarding diversion of domestic LPG cylinders for commercial purpose, which is a gross violation of Clause 13(1) of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulation of Supply & Distribution Order, 2000 framed under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955.
To eradicate this malpractice, the Enforcement Wing of the Department of CS&CA conducted a surprise inspection of the trading premises of Port Blair and Ferrargunj Tehsil, in which 19 cases were found and 56 cylinders were seized from the offenders. Relevant cases were booked under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and are under process.
Taking a serious note of such violation, the Department of CS&CA has advised all the individual/hoteliers/ firms running in this UT to refrain themselves from any kind of unfair trade practices as well as diverting of domestic LPG cylinders for commercial purpose, which may lead to any type of violation framed under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and Rules/regulations framed under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, failing which,  strict legal action as deemed fit as per the law shall be initiated against the offenders.
Further, the Department has appealed to all the LPG consumers that in case of any complaints in this regard, the same may be brought to the notice in writing, of the Directorate of Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Port Blair. The LPG consumers can also lodge their complaint over telephone No.03192-230337 & toll free Phone No.18003453197.

Think about next generation, this way!; “Let us feel free to plant more trees and get oxygen free”

Port Blair: We are all aware about the increasing problem of deforestation in India - across rural and urban areas. According to the Forest Survey of India (FSI) survey - over the last 30 years, nearly two-third of the forests the size of Haryana have been lost to encroachments (15,000 sq km) and 23,716 industrial projects (14,000 sq km). The total forest and tree cover is spread across 802,088 square km, which is 24.39 percent of the geographical area of the country.
According to the Indian forest department, for every tree fallen, ten tree saplings should be planted to make up for its loss. But this practice is rarely followed. We all know that, Forests help us maintain ecological balance and reduce carbon footprints. However, hectares of forests are cut down or burnt every millisecond. Unimaginable, isn't it? Can we even exist in a world without trees and forests?
Background: Celebrating the importance of tree, Van Mahotsav was initiated in the year 1950 to celebrate the importance of growing and saving our forests and create awareness about the ill effects of deforestation.  It is an annual tree planting festival in the month of July. During this festival thousand of trees are planted all over India. It was started by K. M. Munshi, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food at that time to create awareness and the importance of the conservation of forests and planting of new trees.
The name Van Mahotsava means 'the festival of trees'. It began after the July 1947 tree planting drive in Delhi heralded by national leaders like Dr Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru participated. The festival was simultaneously celebrated in a number of states in India. Since then, thousands of saplings of diverse species are planted with energetic participation of the locals and various agencies like the forest department.
Other benefits of tree planting: To increase production of fruits, which could be added to the potential food resources of the country. *Help create shelter-belts around agricultural fields to increase their productivity, *Provide fodder leaves for cattle to relieve intensity of grazing over reserved forests, *Boost soil conservation and prevent further deterioration of soil fertility.
No doubt, Governments, non-profit organizations are working hard to fight deforestation and  increase awareness. But to create a real impact, we all have to do our part.
Plant more Trees: Encourage your friends in your community to plant a tree and help keep your local forest safe (If you have one in your area). Every patch of green is worth saving.
Put pressure on companies that are destroying forests to manufacture their products by not buying from them. Support brands with zero deforestation policies and environment friendly products and encourage people to do the same. Be aware and ask how the products you buy are being made. Go green. Practice the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to lower the need for more raw materials from Trees.
Fast Forest Facts: 13 million hectares of forest have been converted for other uses or destroyed by natural causes. Up to 28,000 species can go extinct in the next quarter century due to deforestation. By the year 2030, we might only have 10% of Rainforests left and it can all disappear in a hundred years, 10% of the world's forests are now protected areas. This is roughly the size of India. Cures for diseases have been found in plants and the raw materials come from our tropical rain forest.