Thursday, January 23, 2020

Is anybody cares for how vegetable grows in isles'? Citizens fears of slow poison

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, Jan 22: Farmers use pesticides to keep pests from ruining their fruits and vegetables. The goal is to harm only the targeted pest including insects, rodents, weeds, bacteria, mold and fungus, but pesticides can also harm the environment and the people who are exposed to them and who consume the produce as well. But, business is business with modern quote "everything is fair in war and business". The pesticides spray or injections used to make vegetables growth faster in the islands has became a cause of concern among citizens.
Some gardening lovers who are somehow frequently visits vast vegetable gardens allege that, "We have observed the surrounding plants were died and soil became lifeless at the vast gardens by uncontrolled application of pesticides which can also contaminate soil and may kill other non-target organisms. Pesticides can damage soil biomass and microorganism such as bacteria, fungi, and earthworms".
However, several studies have examined the link between pesticides and various health issues, including:
Cancer: Numerous studies have investigated links between pesticides and types of cancer. Research has found links between some pesticide exposure and childhood leukemia, brain cancer, and lymphoma, as well as associations with breast cancer. Studies have investigated links between pesticides and prostate, pancreas and liver cancer, as well as increased risk of melanoma.
Neurodevelopmental issues: Pesticide exposure prenatally and in children has been investigated as a source of behavioral problems, neurodevelopmental delays and impaired motor skills.
Hormone disruption: Some chemicals in pesticides can disrupt chemicals such as estrogens, thyroid and androgens, which may impact reproduction and fertility.
Neurological: Farmers exposed to certain pesticides have a 70 percent higher risk of developing Parkinson's disease.
Skin, eye and lung issues: Like other chemicals, pesticides can result in irritation for some people depending on how much they are exposed.
"The Agriculture department in the A&N Islands is required to check and keep on track of pesticides being used by farmers in our islands to makes sure that all pesticides used on food meet strict safety standards and limits for the amount of pesticides that can remain on food by taking into account a number of factors including each pesticide's level of toxicity, how much of it is applied and how often. This way, not only the consumers, but farmers can also break away from health hazards by the pesticides", says citizens.

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