Thursday, March 26, 2020

Citizens Corner 26/03/2020

* We have heard the speech of our PM Narendra Modi ji, looking into the seriousness and the dangerous consequences of COVID-19, he announced the complete lockdown entire in our country. We are supporting him and his word whole heartedly to fight against COVID-19.  

* No doubt, it’s a highly appreciable job is being done by all local departments, especially, the Police, Health and PBMC at this lockdown situation, working as a frontline forces in crucial time. But, the communication gap between citizens and local administration is lacking somewhere, due to sudden decisions by authorities day-in and day-out it becomes a harassment to the citizens. Administration should suggest an All-in-One contact list to facilitate the citizens in contacting the concerned shops / authorities, when in need.

* It’s a gigantic challenge around the world now, and this lockdown become necessity to minimize the loss of humankind. This is what, I can say for now, but I like to pray all the islanders to stay at home only, we can see administration is trying to serve everything at door steps of people. Just need some patience, not panic.

* This situation could have averted, if the bureaucrats determined earlier about the intense of COVID-19, and would had prepare a mechanism to stop entry into these islands, at least the A&N Islands would have had chance to stay away from the fear of this virus.

* Around 1586 people who are arrived from mainland are put under mandatory isolation of 14 days, authorities have also given direction to them stay indoor and maintain social distance with family members otherwise strict actions against defaulter will be taken. So keeping a track on them is vital during this time. 

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