Thursday, March 5, 2020

Citizens Corner : 27/02/2020

* The Security Service staffs at GB Pant Hospital gate at night hours are being in fly mode. They allow vehicles of doctors, and their self interested friends only to enter the gateway to wards. A girl child (patient) unfortunately going through dialysis from past two months and also admitted in GB Pant Hospital, when her father (media person) asked the security staff to allow him inside, the staff use to say just park your vehicle and go by walk. The security staff especially at gate is becomes mighty at nights except for doctors and his close known friends.

* The Municipal Council Secretary is doing tremendous efforts to make clear the dues of domestic and commercial water connections in the city. Apart from that, he shall also look into government establishment as govt. quarters, etc. and also should direct to survey on illegal water connections in city. As the summer is coming, and PBMC also started reduction in supply of water to it's consumers i.e. once in three days. Seems, Jal Shakti Abhiyan was a flop show and Jal in the Dhannikhari Dam is getting down.

* What is the reason in city from past these days behind crimes in fearless manner? "Murders" is a term, the islanders heard very less in the early in A&N Islands, but, as of now the term became a frequently hearing term may be due to fearlessness about Law, Jail, Punishment or other reason. In many cases, one person committing/ involving in theft, bootlegging, or other crimes again and again despite gone through police custody earlier is shocking and remain a puzzle among citizens' mind.

* Private medicals says, before treatment 'come we will treat you the best', and when they notice any uneasy, or they think that's enough at a later stage. Private clinics will kick you off from their property and suggest you to go for govt. hospitals. Private clinics also maintain their influence secretly to remain their name at heights.

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