Thursday, March 26, 2020

PBMC starts doorstep delivery of grocery to people

COVID-19; PBMC starts doorstep delivery of grocery to people
Home delivery outside municipal areas & supply of ANIIDCO milk
Movement of LPG trucks streamlined to meet public demand

Port Blair, Mar 26
In the wake of restrictions placed on free movement due to the threat of spread of COVID-19, the A&N Administration has undertaken the task to initiate doorstep delivery of essential items. Accordingly, the doorstep delivery of grocery items kick started in PBMC area today (March 26). Demands were received from various households by respective Councilors or designated PBMC employees. The same were forwarded to the retail shop identified to service each ward. The packets were made as per the orders and the home deliveries were made. The door-step delivery is likely to get fast paced from the second day of its launch.
    The doorstep delivery of groceries has now been broadened by including all essential items on demand like baby food, milk powder, soaps, etc.
    The doorstep delivery of essential items shall start outside PBMC area in the entire South Andaman District from 27.03.2020. People can place their demand with respective Pradhans who shall in turn place the demand with identified retail shops whose details shall be published in the Daily Telegrams. North & Middle Andaman District shall put the same mechanism in operation by 28.03.2020.
    ANIIDCO shall also begin home delivery of toned milk in PBMC area from 27.03.2020 at 6.30 am by 5 vehicles engaged on different routes to cater to the public demand for milk. A maximum of 2 packets of milk shall be supplied to each household initially. The doorstep delivery of milk will continue on a daily basis till April 14, 2020.
     General public is appealed to not to step out of their homes to receive the supplies. People engaged in doorstep delivery shall approach each house and exchange the commodity with money from the customers. In the interest of safety of all, adequate social distancing is mandatory. In case of any irresponsible behavior, the home delivery services shall be reviewed and shall be liable for discontinuation.
   The movement of trucks carrying LPG cylinders has been streamlined and all consumer demands shall be met satisfactorily. General public has been appealed to not to panic. Enough provisions are available to cater to the demands of all the people. The home delivery mechanism needs full cooperation and support of people to achieve its objective while keeping the threat of COVID-19 at bay.

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