Friday, April 17, 2020

Active participation by elected representatives of PBMC in fight against COVID-19

Frontline Field Heroes (Sanitary workers) deployed for sanitation in all Wards

Port Blair, Apr 16
  In order to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in Port Blair City, the PBMC has taken the following initiatives with the active participation of Elected Representatives:
·      Disinfection Service:-
* Sanitary workers are frontline workers who are working round the clock with Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) such as mask, hand gloves, hand sanitizers, etc and are deployed for sanitation in their respective Municipal Wards.
* It is worth to mention that sanitation services covers all 24 Wards including Quarantine Homes/Hotels/Guest Houses. These Frontline Field Heroes are deployed for sanitization at large footfall areas including quarantine areas such as Bathu basti, Junglighat, Mohanpura, Ratnam Market, Dignabad, Round Basti, Sisty Nagar and Atlanta Point.
* PBMC has retrofitted water tanker into Mobile Spraying Machine to disinfect areas at large.

·      Water crisis:-
* PBMC has started Water Distribution through Tankers by transporting water from Hutbay through M.V.Campbell Bay vessel. It has augmented 300 tonnes of water to the existing distribution System.
* Another 350 tonnes of water is being transported from Rutland by M.V.Kalapani Vessel.

·      Rejuvenating existing wells:-
* In ward No. 14, the work of rejuvenating the existing wells was taken up in the presence of Shri N.K. Udhaya Kumar, Chairperson, PBMC and Shri B. Eswar Rao, Councillor, Ward No. 14. The above process will start in all the 24 wards.

·      Empowering Self Help Group:-
* Self Help Groups is one of the key pillars in National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM). In collaboration with the Andaman Chamber of Commerce, Self Help Groups have been instrumental in making 5000 nos. of face masks.

   The PBMC has once again appealed to the general public to maintain social distancing, stay calm and stay at home.

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