Saturday, April 4, 2020

Capacity of affordance of poor people is come down to the ground after COVID-19 attack in Islands

Buying vegetables are become a sky's dream

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, April 01: The vegetable which are sold earlier like, leave vegetables, brinjal, lady fingers and others in Rs.20/-, 60/- and 80/- rupees are now selling in Rs.50/-, 120/- per kilogram. When consumers ask to give reason behind the hike in price, the vegetable shopkeepers says, due to non availability of vehicles and process of getting permit for authority, the high price they charges, and accordingly we does. Consumers allege that, neither the fuel price is hiked nor farmers selling them at high price. But, the vegetable mafias become active at this crucial time to loot the poor consumers, especially, when the people are at require of some healthy food to build up their immunity to fight against COVID-19.

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