Saturday, April 4, 2020

Citizens corner 02/04/2020

 * The Lockdown, in one or other way have made a big change in every individual's life, in normal days those who was found busy, always unavailable to spend a quality time with family are now they have nothing to do, but they got the time to see themselves and realize about the life and find the factors which are important in life.

* Now our city is become spick and span during Lockdown, no spitters, no thrower and no drunkards are seen on roads, and especially people forgot to get closer to each other everywhere. I think, these practices must be continued even after Lockdown, not only to be protected from COVID-19, but for overall, one can get a lot of benefits out of it.

* The door to door supply of essential items to every individual house in the municipal areas was a flop idea. Here in Municipal wards, where two persons cannot pass at one go through narrow footpaths, i.e. without a proper infrastructure, how can the door to door supply of essential items to every individual house is possible? Thanks to our Member of Parliament, Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma and local Advocates, who insisted the Administration to permit Grocery, Vegetable & Meat Shops, Fruits and Private Pharmacy shops to open. 

* The A&N Police is doing tremendous job by verifying the passage of vehicles and persons while crossing barricades to limit the unnecessary passages. Which become a cause of disappoint for road Romeos these days as Lockdown has locked their wheels.

* Hope, after successful conclusion of Lockdown, and after observing all suspicious COVID-19 cases in A&N Islands get verify. The A&N Islands will start with a new day with benevolent people all around.

Note: This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the above text is purely based on citizens' voice, and the TMI is not liable for any content in the Citizens Corner. 

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