Thursday, April 9, 2020

Citizens' Corner 10/04/2020

* WHO, the authority which ought to take care of global governance of health and disease in the world is failed to give justice to its responsible duty relating to COVID-19, as every single person in the world now is fall prey of medical sciences.

* The door to door delivery of essential items to households especially in Port Blair area, designed by administration is proved a failure idea till now. On one hand, administration advised citizens to ‘stay home’. On the other hand commodities are being supplied in tucks untimely that too on road sides. But, the households who are far away from main roads are missing-out the facility, and roaming around markets after having lathis from the Police.

* I think the govt. is working with the high profile minds to serve the downtrodden people, which may tend to prove fruitless in coming days. Require to take help from some proverbial, who are well known about the prerequisite of the people.

* We can see in these islands everywhere plotting works are going on, and a lot of jungle was removed and land mafias are adjusted soil as per their convenient to sell the plots at high bucks. Local administration here run by bureaucrats who will stay here just for a few years by tying up their eyes overlooking the disaster and giving permissions for whatever deeds. So, human played his role in whatever way, is now nature’s turn?

* Water crisis situation in these islands are increasing year by year and this year made the worst, government also invested hundreds of crores on water projects in these islands, but till now not a single benefit is incurred by any of those projects to the people here and have to wait for Monsoon all the times.

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