Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Citizens' Corner 30/04/2020

* The PBMC should keep an eye on the water taps of consumers in city and warn them for penal action. Because in view of the water scarcity amid pandemic COVID-19, some consumers are fitting direct motors to pipes between the timing of water supply to seize more water for their household. Consequently the other consumers, whose tap is connected to same main pipe are getting hardly a bucket of water to utilize for the whole 4 days.

* Journalist arrested? Heard the local media seen always demanded for deputation of PROs in various departments of A&N Administration to clarify or confirm any information before publishing it in their periodicity. Due to the absence of PROs during the sensitive Lockdown period, may be some unconfirmed information he revealed. 

* We have to upgrade ourselves to live in the Society 2.0 after overcoming from this Covid-19 pandemic. It has affected our daily lives entirely and proved that the time is powerful, and being inside home feels like time is less valuable. Let us take our time, to adjust ourselves and become Time Friendly.

* An application can be resumed after pushing reset button on an electronic gadget, when it find corrupted. Likewise, is it possible to resume our society after corona affected? Yes, of course but have to maintain physical distancing and wear masks until all clear. Technically, to run applications smoothly, required to clean temp and caches files and run antivirus scan, then the system will run like a brand new gadget. Just need time and patience!

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