Tuesday, April 21, 2020

GoI to conduct ‘Telephonic Survey through 1921’ by calling up citizens on mobile phones

Islanders urged to participate in good measure

Port Blair, Apr 21: The Government of India will be conducting a Telephonic Survey (TELE SURVEY) calling up citizens on their mobile phones across the country. This is to be carried out by NIC and calls will be coming into mobile phone from the calling number 1921.     
All citizens of Andaman & Nicobar Islands have been informed that it is a genuine survey being conducted by Government of India and therefore, all should participate in the survey in good measure when a call comes in their mobile from 1921 number to provide proper feedback of the prevalence and distribution of COVID-19 symptoms. They should also be aware of any other calls by pranksters or call from any other number in the guise of such similar survey.
General public are advised to cooperate official exercise being conducted by GOI to obtain feedback on the prevalence and distribution of COVID-19 symptoms, therefore all should participate in good measure. The participants should ascertain the call number 1921 from the caller before giving his feed back to the caller, a communication said.

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