Friday, April 17, 2020

Hotspot areas in South Andaman are cry for essentials

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, April 15: The areas which are marked as Hotspots in South Andaman are facing crises for basic essentials items.
As per sources, the vehicles which are carrying essential items such as vegetable, meat / fishes, bakery, milk and eggs, etc. to deliver in the areas are roaming irregularly, that too silently and people of the respective areas are unable to acquire the service due to unknown about the vehicle schedule, as they don't know when it comes and goes in their areas.
On the other hand residents also allege that, they are not allowed to go out of their bounded areas to purchase anything, and the items which are ordered through door delivery system are undelivered even after two days of placement of orders.
Hence, the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman may pay attention to fix the residents concern over supply of essential items to the areas, especially in the Hotspot areas.

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