Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SOPs for undertaking permitted activities in Little Andaman, Rutland, Shaheed Dweep & Swaraj Dweep issued

Port Blair, Apr 28
    In order to mitigate the hardship of the Public, the Chief Secretary, A&N Islands vide Orders dated 27th April, 2020 has directed that the consolidated revised guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Govt. of India dated 15lh April, 2020 incorporating SOPs for social distancing at offices, work places, establishments and other sectoral requirements, shall be applicable to the Islands of Rutland, Swaraj Dweep, Shaheed Dweep and Little Andaman of South Andaman District, as no positive case of COVID-19 has been reported till date from these Islands.
    Accordingly, the District Administration South Andaman has allowed the following activities by issuing an order detailing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be followed by various departments/agencies for undertaking these permitted activities in the Islands of Little Andaman, Rutland, Shaheed Dweep & Swaraj Dweep.
·         Mines & mineral production, their transportation, supply of explosives and activities in incidental to mining operations.
·         Construction of roads, irrigation projects, buildings and all kinds of industrial projects.
·         Operation of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
·         MGNREGA   works   with   priority    given    irrigation    and    water conservation projects.
·         Hollow block industries, and
·         Any  other activities that  may  fall in  the  scheme of permitted activities and approved by the District Administration, South Andaman.
    All the departments/agencies have been directed to strictly implement the National Directives for COVID-19 Management and the Standard Operating Procedures for Social distancing for offices, Workplace, Factories and Establishments, as prescribed by the MHA, in the above stated orders. They have been directed to ensure:
·         Respiratory hygiene at the worksite / manufacturing unit.
·         All the staff should be medically screened within seven days from the scheduled  recommencement of the  work  and  to  arrange  for  their periodic medical examination.
·         Obtain requisite movement/vehicle permits.
·         To refrain from employing staff who are more than 65 years of age/ suffering from major ailment and who may be susceptible to infections.
·         Sanitize all the vehicles, machinery and equipment at the worksite everyday.
     Further, SOPs have been issued by the District Administration for the day to day operation and maintenance of STS buses in the Islands of Swaraj Dweep, Shaheed Dweep and Little Andaman. As per the SOP, buses of the State Transport Service (STS) shall be operated within the Islands on permitted routes only with not more than 40% of the registered seating capacity and regular sanitization of buses shall be ensured after each trip. Further, all crew members and commuters shall compulsorily wear mask/face cover.

Sl. No.
Competent authority to issue movement/ vehicle permit In the Inlands covered by these orders
Control room phone numbers
Rut Land

Incident Commander/ Revenue Inspector
Swaraj Dweep

Incident Commander/ Revenue Inspector
Shaheed Dweep


BDO/Tehsildar/lncident Commander
Little Andaman

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