Sunday, May 10, 2020

Citizens' Corner 07/08/2020

* Chanakya says, 'However, difficult may be the tasks, proper effort endowed with suitable device can always accomplish it. A ruler should be use six devices (like Sama, Dama Danda Bheda, Upeksha and indrajal) to accomplish tasks as the case may be. In personality also one has to first ascertain about the means of accomplishment and then start doing it'. Will our ruler apply these devices on those, who are behind the failure tasks of crores worth?

* Govt. has opened some outlets ANIIDCO wine shop to generate its economy. But citizens related to business are struggling to generate their economy, because of the lengthy process i.e. one need to go GB Pant Hospital by walk from wherever and whatever far their house may be to get health certificate, after screening and doctor's certification on medical slip at GB Pant Hospital. Finally, at Tehsildar office issued Movement Permit to the owners of various business establishments in city. Is there no other way to make ease to business people to resume their economy, instead of harassment?

* The guidelines issued by authority are changing every other day. We are getting updates through the available electronic media AIR, and plans for the next day accordingly. But, when we visit to concern office to follow, we are being forced to run pillar to post to get whatever work to be done. Of course the DC is doing well with the motto to prevent gathering of people, but last minute changes are causing inconvenient to the people.

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