Thursday, May 14, 2020

Citizens' Corner 14/05/2020

* People at ANIIDCO Wine shops are struggling under Sunny and Rainy days, but bravely facing any climate through lengthy queues whatsoever before them to get two 750 ml bottles. Even a professional drunkard can't do that much struggle to get two bottles of whiskey every day. But, men behind the men in queues are succeeding in storing the stock of liquor to sell at high rates and grabbing the opportunity to run their illegal sale in 'Gumties'. Surprisingly, liquor business is emerging as a successful business even amid COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown period too.

* On the other side, crime rate is tend to increase after opening of Liquor shops in city, which may go for a tough challenge for the police to tackles. Of course, the economy of the govt. will hike but should also focus on other challenges before it. One can observe, numbers of COVID-19 positive cases are seen increased only after opening of Liquor shops and domestic violence reports also increased at many places in India.

* ANIIDCO should also need to initiate Door Delivery system to serve Liquor bottles to people's door steps, to avoid violation of physical distancing norm, which is always seen happening in the queues and controlling by A&N Police 24x7 near Liquor outlets in the A&N Islands.

* Admin. through many tweets informed that sufficient sanitizers, marks and gloves are available in A&N Islands. On the other side, some frontline workers including media persons are not been issued any such materials to protect themselves from the Coronavirus in the A&N Islands.

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