Thursday, July 9, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 02/07/2020

* Ultimately, the axe of economy building falls on common men heads. The hike in fuel price leads to inflation and every essential items as bus fares, vegetable prices, and other products are reaching new heights and common man, who earns less amidst pandemic are bearing the burden, forcefully.
If the captain of team is excels and rest of the team members are not playing well, it doesn't mean the team will win. Likewise, with the belief in Modi ji, we can't expect the entire BJP govt. will do good in their performance, role of other ministers mattes too.

* The local administration taken up the responsibility from the beginning to contain the spread the COVID-19 in these islands, not even a single public representative have been allowed to enter into the matter of COVID-19. Now, the Coronavirus spread reaching out beyond limits after 33rd case, and near to cross 100 cases. Who will take the responsibility of this now?

* The APWD is seen working on roads engaged in doing patch works as its usual tradition, leaving other emergency construction works at Bay. During the pandemic, the govt. allowed the departments to carry out emergency construction works as the funds are also allotted less compared to previous years. Despite having many other necessary works, the APWD department seems addicted to do its traditional works round the clock.

* Happened as expected! The bluff of increasing the speed of mobile internet through OFC is a back-off decision again. Despite informed to the public through govt. medias that, 'from July 01, 2020 the mobile internet speed will increased', was not happened in reality.

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