Thursday, July 9, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 04/06/2020

* Thanks to the members of various political parties who extended their helping hand in providing essential items to many needy people in the islands during Lockdown amid pandemic COVID-19. In the much needed situation some members at least came in front of us to rescue and helped us to stay at home.

* The MRP on new items are shocking daily after arrival of new stock in these islands. On one hand people are struggling to revive their economic condition after workless three months, on the other hand the MRP on items among new stocks are marked high. The ultimate fighters of COVID-19 are the citizens and have to stand, to regain the economy of whole.

* World Environment Day is celebrating every year on June 05 since 1974 with variety of themes and this year's theme is "Celebrate Biodiversity". Actually, we are failed to give an importance to the day may be from day one, that is how, the nature which has to be changed on its time is craving for change quickly. Humans with the greed on bucks, plots sale is become trend, consequently didn't mind for deforestation or care for imbalance creates by soil extraction which not only harms people, but also innocent animals. However, mighty people are in search of another earth after feeling discomfort in the existing now.

* May be Schools are going to open after vacations in the A&N Islands in July. But, physical distancing will become a major challenge before the authorities to resume schools not only in islands, but in the rest of the country. Moreover, maintaining preventive measures as physical distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers among tiny students will become a concern of school management. Authorities have to plan suitably.

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