Thursday, July 9, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 09/07/2020

* May be one of the reasons behind scanty rain in the A&N Islands! The people, who are educated, well settled, but greedy are busy in the work of deforestation at the Attam Pahad area since Lockdown. Land in hectares is cleaned to build their illegal shelters free of cost and after some will sell it to parties. The persons, who are indulged in the act was govt. servants from revenue department, advocates and Bangladeshis. PCR is on rounding daily but as a mute spectator, and Transport department officials are doing their only duty to conduct tests for four wheelers. I am also going to encroach a piece of land there tomorrow; after all, I don't have my own house here in these islands.

* The dream of speed mobile internet will remain a dream until we get a good speed in our smart phones. Don't know, whether the given dates and times are the hoax or fooling authentically to cool down the islanders. But, at partial and special locations as Raj Niwas, Secretariat, Zilla Parishad, IP&T and District Court areas are getting a good speed in mobiles.

* Thanks to the God to keep the populace alive in these islands, only rain which saves us in the water crises. The authorities which are paid to supply sufficient water to its consumers is surrendered themselves and planned for curtailment of 10 days. And some private water suppliers are engaged in providing water to special households on call. After the mobile internet speed "Jhumla", people doubts on Authority's assurance that, "People wouldn't need to face water crises next year i.e. in 2021, because all the projects on water will be completed very soon".

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