Thursday, July 9, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 11/06/2020

* Citizens have to be more precautionary while moving outside homes, as the cases of Covid-19 positive is entered again in these Islands after a 33rd last case. With the 2 new cases detected today total number of cases reached to 35, it hints that more cases can come up in future. Now, the people have to be more precautionary and not panic, and need to learn to live in the pandemic environment safely.

* The news of five puppies were charred inside Teal House by a highly educated person is a distressing fact that shows the degree in-humanness in the human mind. The nature gave an equal right to living things in the world irrespective of any species, but humans are the only animal who kills other animals unnecessarily, heartlessly. 

* Cyber criminals may go active during this Covid-19 pandemic, as the recent complaint of one, who lost about 9 Lakh after trusting a person on phone and sharing OTP is an alert for islanders to make one self aware of such frauds/ cheating.

* Issue of increasing the speed of internet through OFC is seems to becoming a big issue. Different sources say varieties of information. Don't know whether the islanders will get high speed internet or not, but confusion prevails all over regarding bill prices and tariffs, and ultimately the tax payers are at distress to come to any conclusion.

* There is difference between work on papers and on ground, to find facts what to do? Is a big unanswerable question! The officers on working on papers would not come to ground, and the workers on ground can't reach to the table where the papers are kept. Adulteration matters!

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