Thursday, July 9, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 18/06/2020

* Two wheeler riders are in shock after challanned by Police these days for not having mirrors in their vehicle. Don't know why it becomes necessary all of a sudden, whether for social distancing or safety of vehicular or to increase the revenue of Police department. But, imposed fine of Rs.500/-, for not having mirrors in their two wheelers vehicles.

* Economy of businessmen touching the all time low in these islands, consequently the private workers unable to get their pay timely and sufficiently to run their livelihood. Even the govt. agencies are depending more on revenue which is collecting from populace. Anyhow, govt. servants stood at safe side, govt. employees will have to be paid, no matter what.

* Water crisis situation in these islands are increasing year by year and this year made the worst, government also invested hundreds of crores on water projects in these islands, but till now not a single benefit is incurred by any of those projects to the people here and have to wait for Monsoon all the times.

* Chanakya says, 'However, difficult may be the tasks, proper effort endowed with suitable device can always accomplish it. A ruler should be use six devices (like Sama, Dama Danda Bheda, Upeksha and indrajal) to accomplish tasks as the case may be. In personality also one has to first ascertain about the means of accomplishment and then start doing it'. Will our ruler apply these devices on those, who are behind the failure tasks of crores worth?

* May be Schools are going to open after vacations in the A&N Islands in July. But, physical distancing will become a major challenge before the authorities to resume schools not only in islands, but in the rest of the country. Moreover, maintaining preventive measures as physical distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers among tiny students will become a concern of school management. Authorities have to plan suitably.

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