Friday, August 7, 2020

Citizens' Corner 06/08/2020


* Total 466 Isolation beds are available with the A&N Administration till date, and out of 687 active cases in the A&N Islands, 277 are occupied in Govt. Clinical Centres and 410 are kept in Home Isolation. Now the question is that, are the 410 COVID-19 positive individuals having suitable home to be in isolation for a period until they get well? Most of the houses in the A&N Islands don't have their separates room with attached toilets, except certain class of people. Hope the Health Department is taking care of it before advising the people to be in Home Isolation.

* Once again, a dream of dream come true got hype among the mobile internet lovers after seeing in social media a copy of facilitation request by CGM, BSNL, A&N Telecom Circle dated 05/08/2020 addressed to concern authorities for movement, which says Prime Minister of India will inaugurate "The Chennai-Andaman and Nicobar Island Submarine Cable System" (CANI - SMCP) on August 10, 2020. Confusion continues "Believe it or Not".

* People required to psychologically strong to go through amidst pandemic, it is just a phase which have to be faced bravely by following guidelines of MoHFW, MHA, alongwith preventive measures against COVID-19. Beyond this phase, everything will get normal.

* Health department is not helping medicinally to boosting the immunity among Covid-19 positive patients. Those, who are in Home Isolation using AYUSH recommended remedies, are getting partially well, rest who are expecting medicines from health department are facing trouble. So, 'Health is in your Hand', citizens.

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