Sunday, August 16, 2020

Citizens' Corner 13/08/2020

* Finally, the CANI OFC project inaugurated by none other than Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on Monday the 10th August. It is like a beginning of new era of the A&N Islands, that will be good if the service is used in constructive manner for the betterment of islanders. The OFC project is worth 12000 crores.

* Now I came to know, how these number of Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day even after lockdown in A&N Islands. The concerned authority at Airport and Habour is leaving the passengers (either South Andaman or North & Middle Andaman and Little Andaman) without checking travel history, and asking them to go and stay wherever they want. The passengers of other district however they use to or manage to stay at relatives' or others houses despite of the house is unfit for quarantine or isolation. And the next day, the passenger will receive a call from the concerned authority to know the status and to stick a quarantine sticker wherever the passengers stay. That is what shockingly, may be later coming in front of us as "so and so number of cases, all from contacts".

* The administration earlier in panics itself without exact knowledge and spent huge funds in Institutional quarantining all passengers at the initial stage in the A&N Islands. But, now the administration has seen the real face of Covid-19 when funds are melted in trailer cases. Ultimately, the axe is falls on more than 4 Lakhs population of these Islands. Private workers, petty business and other populace are became preys of Lockdown.

* Total 516 Isolation beds are available with the A&N Administration till date, and out of 1050 active cases in the A&N Islands, 251 are occupied in Govt. Clinical Centres and 799 are kept in Home Isolation. Out of Total 1900 Covid-19 positive cases, 829 are recovered/ discharged and 21 dead as on today. 

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