Friday, September 4, 2020

Citizens' Corner 03/09/2020

 * People are amazed with the current DC who comes to interact with the ground level vendors at various markets in city and distributed masks by giving a lecture on Covid-19 pandemic. We thought IASs are born to be in AC chambers only and under the Sun is a left-off habit for them. But, this Deputy Commissioner has broken our beliefs now. We heard about him as Secretary of PBMC earlier, who batted against illegal encroachments in South Andaman strictly, anyhow later that was neglected.

* Encroachment continues at Attam Pahad, encroachers cutting dense jungle and making shelters finding as opportunity amidst COVID-19. Authorities are keeping at blind eye on the entire illegal affair, may be due to a revenue official himself is encroached a big portion in Attam Pahad. Now, the current DC may look into after containing pandemic in the South Andaman.

* GB Pant comes back to its fame of some 20 years back now, doctors are taking good care of patients these days. May be the health sector before Covid-19 has assumed that diseases relating to body parts are the ailments which have to be treated and all that was it! Hence, used to enjoy their profession a level and up to a degree while dealing with huge number of patients. But, this pandemic is a lesson for every human being that there are still many things exists which are untouched by humans. We expect a new era of everything post-Covid-19.

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