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Shri Suneel Anchipaka (IAS) doing a commendable job at ground level towards containing Covid-19 in South Andaman

Port Blair, Sept 02: Since Shri Suneel Anchipaka (IAS) had taken charge as the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman, he had done commendable works at ground level particularly in regard to reducing the corona pandemic. He, instead of sitting in the Air Conditioner Chamber, always coming out and visiting the vantage points and streets and interacting with the people and make them understood the seriousness of the corona pandemic by distributing mask, the importance of Covid-19 protocols such as cleanliness, hand wash, wearing of masks and social distancing i.e. the effective fight against the spread of the pandemic.

One thing is there which is worth-mentioning after his taking-over the charge as Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman, the increasing rate of corona patients has been come down even to less than half. Now people hope that because of his hard and dint determination the rate of the corona patients will again come down and the Andaman and Nicobar islands is free from such corona patients. He is a able and efficient person to carry out any such important task and to be the head of a District Administration.

It is pertinent to mention here that people had an experience, as part of the corona awareness programme, the present Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman alongwith the concerned SP and other officers, all of a sudden came by their vehicles and got down in a street and started advising the road side vendors and the street mongers about the spread of corona virus etc. without caring for his dignity or ego and mingled with the public and made them understood the importance of Covid-19 protocols.  It is also worth-mentioning.

The citizens of these islands wish that such an able and efficient officer should continue to be the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman all the time, even if his tenure lapses. Extensions after extensions of tenure may be given to him to serve the South Andaman district for the development of islands.

Earlier, Shri Suneel Anchipaka was the Secretary, Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC), when he came to these islands and took charge as such and did a commendable work in the PBMC. After his assuming charge, the PBMC has started collecting revenues towards property tax, water charge etc. properly in a systematic way by putting into effect the digital system and very accurately did the work and the sources of income had been increased manifold. Further lots of developmental activities were taken-place in and around the Municipal area, which are very much appreciable.

Coming back to the Corona Pandemic, the front line workers of the corona pandemic such as Police, Medical, Sanitary workers, social workers and the Food Safety staff etc. are also worth appreciable and their works are commendable at this juncture. Their services and dedication to the duties are also worth to mention, who are ready to work day and night.


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