Thursday, October 8, 2020

Citizens’ Corner 08/10/2020

* Persons, who have lot of money or position, can do anything! Anything means anything like can do encroachment of lands, dealing with drugs, covering the truth, escaping from crimes and many more. Authorities are dealing them with a metal fist 24x7, calling it iron fist.

* Liquor sale business in 'Gumties' is growing like a flower in drought areas. Even, in-lockdown or un-lockdown it runs especially near port areas 'Gumties' sale is like unstoppable and successful business. During lockdown many people have become jobless, money less, but they went for drink to be looted by the Gumties for sake of relaxed kick. Police knows anything or not, don't know.

* Narrow paths in city are the curse for Smart City project of Govt. of India. In our islands, there are many existing colonies in Port Blair city having narrow paths, some are revenue and some are so called old encroachment structures, which occupies the path way. But, when it comes to path way for about 50 individual houses, it has to be vacated and allotted for path way. But, local administration here is dreaming for Smart City and ignoring the Smart deeds.

* Entering COVID-19 infection into the islands is the responsibility of Health Department. Similarly, entering Drug Substance into the islands is the responsibility of Police Department. Despite thermal scanning and using mask, following physical distancing, the virus enters into these islands. Of course, we can't see, touch and find the COVID-19 "Virus". Is the Drug Substances these days modified itself and spreading around Islands like "Virus"?

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