Thursday, November 12, 2020

Citizens’ Corner 12/11/2020

*Despite of eviction order issued by Tehsildar, Port Blair, it is not possible to evict the same, because sometimes which is possible in papers are impossible in practically, DC(SA) has told to the villagers of Buniyadabad.

* ANIIDCO Wine shop timing need to be extended for the benefit of its consumers, because our duty time ends at 5 pm and the outlet is closing at 5 pm, so it is becoming difficult for us and forced to go an unprotected BARs opened upto 10 pm to have pegs. The extension of time will be beneficial in many ways, as rush at wine shops will be reduced, bootlegging and gumti businesses will be minimized.

* The sudden blackouts is started in South Andaman as festival of sunny days again. Despite installing new and sufficient Diesel and Solar machineries to fulfill the demand of power in South Andaman, the untimely blackouts is remain there unchanged. Is Islanders born to suffer?

* The internet speed is increased a little but, the voice calls are affected badly. while conversation, forced to hear broken voice, unexpected call disconnection, and routine tone 'the customer you are calling is either switched off or not reachable' is still remain a common response while calling to anyone. Is this called 'Digital India', but mission incomplete.

* The financial conditions of people are coming down to dearth of money in the Islands since COVID-cum-Lockdown affected. Consequently, inflation is touching sky high, even facing difficulties to meet the essential needs as vegetable and ration items, and only high scale government servants 'the God's men and women' are standing at the safer side till now, despite in this economically crises time for the entire country.

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