Thursday, November 12, 2020

Citizens’ Corner 15/10/2020

* PBMC says there is shortage of manpower in its department, however there are about 1500-2000 sanitary staffs were working in the department. However, not only sanitary workers, but some other regular workers also as part time, working in various private sectors. Moreover, many mazdoors are forced and engaged to work at officers' premises for sake of saving their jobs. Misusing of mazdoors happens in Andamans only, I guess!

* It is good that PBMC is now going to impose challans on who, who are providing un-segregated garbage to the PBMC. On the other hand, they must provide comfortable safety equipments to make ease the sanitary workers. Anyhow, as per new segregated waste, it is now divided into three categories, 1) Wet waste: Kitchen waste only, 2) Dry Waste: as cloths, papers, rubber, plastic and reusable glasses, etc. 3) Hazardous waste: as broken glasses, sanitary pads and others.

* Narrow paths in city are the curse for Smart City project of Govt. of India. In our islands, there are many existing colonies in Port Blair city having narrow paths, some are revenue and some are so called old encroachment structures, which occupies the path way. But, when it comes to path way for about 50 individual houses, it has to be vacated and allotted for path way. But, local administration here is dreaming for Smart City and ignoring the Smart deeds.

* Citizens need be careful while dealing with online purchases or other dealings, because the frauds are eagerly engaged under work from home now-a-days. Trust is your choice, be careful while trusting the invisible digital people.

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