Thursday, November 12, 2020

Citizens’ Corner 22/10/2020

* Narrow paths in city are the curse for Smart City projects in India. In our islands, there are many existing colonies in Port Blair city having narrow paths, some are revenue and some are so called old encroachment structures, which occupies the path way. But, when it comes to path way for about 50 individual houses, it has to be vacated and allotted for path way. But, local administration here is dreaming for Smart City and ignoring the Smart deeds.

* Citizens need be careful while dealing with online purchases or other dealings, because the frauds are eagerly engaged under work from home now-a-days. Trust is your choice, be careful while trusting the invisible digital people.

* Islands' Ration Rasheed (Mr. Abdul Rasheed) apart from Ration Items, he now donates 250 pairs of hand gloves to Sanitation Workers of PBMC. There are still good people in society, cares for others who are in need.

* I have enrolled to get financial relief from Labour Commissioner Office and followed all the formalities like photos, xerox copies of required documents etc. are submitted to Labour Commissioner three months ago. But nothing I get till now from the respective Office assigned for the welfare of Labours in A&N Islands. Now, the COVID-19 situation is slight fine in A&N Islands. However, many manages their problems now during unlocks. So, my suggestion to Labour Commissioner is to keep the fund with Himself or let spend it in his own way.

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