Thursday, December 10, 2020

Citizen’s Corner 10/12/2020

* The vehicle owners of series, that's registration number series is A, B, C are under cloud these days. Especially that some, who maintained well and put the vehicle in good running condition. As of now, there are few vehicles left and running on roads, rest are left to rust. The Administration must allow some vehicle after checking the vehicle condition and pollution tests for those who maintained well, if administration is suppose think about any suspension.

* Dogs menace on streets continues in city and suburbs. During the lockdown, many so called kind hearted members of the society has proved meals to these street dogs. Consequently, now citizens are facing a healthy threat from street dogs and many bitten by them recently. But, the concerned authority this time needs to act apart from the kind heart and catch them.

* It can be observed that many vehicles are park at the side of no parking and making a menace for road users. Especially, the four wheelers by pretending just to pick and drop remain parked for several minutes at Junglighat. The cops must keep an eye on road to keep high their revenue.  

* Police is showing its activeness in detaining distributors of various illicit substances, but yet not succeed to reach or nail the Kingpins of the illicit market. Is that no any apprehended peddler opened their mouth to let know the Police about the chain of market and their bosses?

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