Saturday, December 5, 2020

Citizen’s Corner 26/11/2020

* Medical Science's search of Antidote for COVID-19 is close to get success now. Many countries claim about their vaccine's efficiency including our country. In general, one can observe that viruses (destruction) can be made easily, but an antidote (creation) is next to difficult. However, our govt. is now planning on delivery / distribution of COVID-19 vaccine. But, they must also need to think about natural immunity in human body, before making the vaccine mandatory.

* These online classes have made the children dumb, but no option left amid this pandemic. In the name of digital education, every child is using smart phones these days, and some parents are irritated by the digital classes, who used to dip into the mobile screens for long time for sake of education.

* When would the Islanders get free from the three unending problems in A&N Islands? Drinking water is still an active or forthcoming problem even after assurances by the Authority; Power is also remain there some times, despite of fixing the Solar Power Plants at several places in Islands; and the bigger one is Unemployment, many departments are turning commercial, that too hiring by mainland companies leaving least opportunities for the local youths for employment. Limitedly, local youths are forced to serve in contract basis for time being, rest are on God's grace.

* Police is showing its activeness in detaining distributors of various illicit substances, but yet not succeed to reach or nail the Kingpins of the illicit market. Is that no any apprehended peddler opened their mouth to let know the Police about the chain of market and their bosses?

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