Thursday, February 6, 2020

Shocked to see beach even after cleanliness drive: AoL members

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Feb 05: The Art of Living (an NGO) initiated to carry out Beach Cleanliness drives on once a week basis at various beaches in South Andaman. On Jan 26, 2020, the Art of Living team and Beodnabad Panchayat, as part of its Beach Cleanliness drives has collected huge plastics and other leftovers at Rangachang Beach and disposed off the stuffs to maintain the beauty of the beach.

However, the Art of Living team have revisited beach and went to same place, where they have conducted a Beach Cleanliness drive a week ago. And, they observed that local people littering, consuming alcohol and everywhere drunkard people roaming, wastes are scattered around and felt unsafe for women for family visits.
An Art of Living (NGO) member said that, "Administration and police department is failed to provide security to the place. Beach has to be cleaned that is one aspect, but also this place need safety and moral disciplined. Any casualty can happen anytime. I appreciate under such kind of situations also our volunteers continued the work." We feel administration and forest department should keep these places safe and clean. Otherwise these places can become major crime spots, he added.
Prominent citizen of city says that, "people must be educated not according to qualification, but should have respect towards our places morally. The practice of throwing wastes anywhere should be treated as punishable offence, and then only, the people will refrain from doing such things.

Who is behind Corbyn's Cove's cleanliness?

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Feb 05: The tourists and local people at large in numbers visiting Corbyn's Cove for joy, but some are use to scatter even small stuffs like wrappers of chocolates, candies, papers and etc. which is enough to make ugly at beach sites. But, the PBMC workers who are deployed to maintain cleanliness at Corbyn's Cove Beach are working tirelessly to remain the beauty of beach, intact. However, the people should have to support the cleanliness and be cautious while throwing any waste. So that, the deployed PBMC workers can be free from lifting your careless litter.

Door to door collection of segregated waste by PBMC; Households, all establishments urged to keep two bins for dry & wet waste

Port Blair, Feb 5: The Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC) has started door to door collection of segregated waste to achieve 100% processing of waste by means of waste transportation and proper disposal mechanism. In view of this, PBMC has closed its dumping yard at Brookshabad to avoid dumping of mixed waste by waste generators.
In order to co-operate with PBMC, it is requested to all concerned, household and all other establishments including educational institutions and banks to keep at least 2 bins for segregated dry & wet waste and one bag for household hazardous waste in their premises/establishments to support our municipal workers in further segregation without any difficulties.
The user charges against collection of waste by PBMC as per the provisions of PBMC-Solid Waste Handling & Management (SWHM) Bye-Laws, 2017 will be collected from each and every household and all other establishment. Incentives will be given to those who will manage their waste 100% by their own.
In order to maintain the city clean & swachh, all the officials not below the rank of Sanitary Inspectors have been authorized to take action by penalizing on the spot under the said bye-laws.
Any kind of violation of Bye-Laws/ direction of PBMC will be viewed seriously and necessary action will be initiated against the violators under PBMC-SWHM Bye Laws, 2017. Repeated violation found will be punished and the water & electricity connection will be disconnected without any notice and complaint against the same will be lodged at nearest Police Station for onward prosecution.