Thursday, March 5, 2020

Will the islanders have to bear thirst in mid-water? - APWD / PBMC making best efforts to supply adequate water; People are also requested to use water judiciously

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, Mar 04: South Andaman may witness water scarcity this summer. As per reliable sources, currently Dhanikhari reservoir has around 20.7 Million Liters of water against 29.5 ML last year which is 30% less, in other words only 10 mtrs level of water is left in the Dhanikhari dam. Officials say, for the first time since heightening of the Dhanikhari dam, APWD has been forced to impose curtailment in South Andaman region. However, APWD / PBMC are making best efforts to deal with the situation and supply adequate water to over 40,800 households in South Andaman. People are also requested to use water judiciously, officials added.
Climatically, the rainy season happens twice a year under the influence of Southwest monsoon in mid-May to September, and Northeast monsoon in November to January. There is medium to heavy rain during the monsoon, in the months from May to mid September and November to mid December. But, since November last year in these islands did not receive proper rainfall at many places in the A&N Islands.
Consequently, all the resources in South Andaman i.e. Sonapahad water reservoir, Kamset Nallah & Manglutan water reservoirs are almost getting near to dearth condition this year. Secondly, the trend of total dependency on tap water leads to extinct the ring well water resources at many places in the islands due to dense population and congestion in urban areas the wells tend to produce unhygienic water, hence not suitable to use for household purposes.
The water resources in history: a book written / published By R. V. R. Murthy during 2007 titled "Andaman and Nicobar Islands: A Geo-political and Strategic Perspective", clearly mentioned about speech of heavenly aborded former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in a civic reception held at Netaji Stadium, Port Blair on 1999 on 'Water Resources and Water Conservation' of the A&N Islands. Meanwhile, the former Lt. Governor, Shri Bhopinder Singh during his tenure in the islands in an interaction with media persons, has also pointed out the necessity and development of 'Water Resources and Water Conservation' in the A&N Islands, he further, then, has also informed that around 30000 suspected unauthorized water connections are exist on those days.
However, the situation could have been averted, if the authorities had succeeded in its previous efforts and projects, in the vein of, Sea Water Purifier: approximately 5 years ago, crores worth machinery installed at Chatham to purify sea water and to supply for community usage, for the purpose steel water tanks also installed at many prime locations, but left without a single drop of proposed 'purified sea water' into the tanks since then. Reasons for the failure of the project, best know the administration. Check Dams: similarly, crores of funds provided by the administration to various Gram Panchayats to construct check dams in their respective villages to conserve the water, and work also done as well. But, as per reports, few got damaged in few years, and the Pradhans of respective villages were managing to fulfill the requirement of water in villages by outsourcing water supply since many years during summer and dry seasons. Underground Pipelines: the leakage from underground pipe lines at Garacharma Junction, Garacharma Medical and Garacharma to Attam Pahad way and at many locations in the islands, during the days on which water is supplied; people witness leakage of water from underground pipelines flowing on to the roads. If these underground pipelines were checked properly and leakages repaired on time, the water scarcity situations in islands can be averted and sufficient water can be conserved. Apart from this, the growing number of hotels and increasing population in many ways are adding the demand of water in the islands.

Citizens Corner: 05/03/2020

* In the Nirbhaya case, the convicts didn't think or hear the pleas of girl (victim) a second before committing a heinous crime with her. But, our judiciary system is reading mercy pleas of convicts since past 7 years one by one to decide what to do. I think, our courts still in search of that one so called man among convicts, as per Universal Law, "It's better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted". What a system?

* Land Mafia is on rise in Andamans and bravely digging every mountain to fix/ dump the soil into submerged land for plots vise selling to own heavy bucks. Beside, authorities in deep slumber rubbing their pen like cat having milk, because they (bureaucrats) never become victims of natural imbalance neither the Mafia-man. It the peace loving innocent islanders will always there to dare any disaster come in front? Is it a preparation to make memorials somewhere?

* Coronavirus is spreading like 'Karona-spry', no doubt our islands are safe and airport is equipped with machines checking Coronavirus from every flyer. Till no positive cases are found as per reports. Anyhow, Indians are safe, if they remember their old traditional good habit "Namaste" (bow to you) this time, because it is going to become a worldwide culture to wish someone from specific distance by saying "Namaste" is all-time a great and safest culture of Indian. Secondly, keep distance from sneezers and say them, please 'math-Karonavirus'.

 * All the online portals are launched on time from Missing report of police to Government e-Marketing, but in Islanders are waiting for father of Internet i.e. OFC cable connection to work in the respective portals. Many are spending a whole day to open a webpage. The NIC's portal, i.e. internet service which has to be worked 24x7 is now maintaining office time. Accordingly, the web portal will open between 7.30 am and 7.30 pm. Sources says, it is happening because a UPS Backup machine there is not working since past three weeks, already ordered a new machine will reach here and be installed soon.

Chief Secretary reviews status of preparedness for COVID-19 in A&N Islands

Port Blair, Mar. 4: The Chief Secretary A&N Administration, Shri Chetan B. Sanghi convened a meeting of the State Level Advisory Committee in the conference hall of the Secretariat today to review the status of preparedness for Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in A&N Islands. The meeting was also attended by Shri K R Meena, Principal Secretary (Health), Shri Dependra Pathak, DGP A&N Islands, Smti Kriti Garg, Secretary (Health), Shri Girish Arora, President ACCI and other members of the committee.
During the meeting discussion was held on various measures to be taken to prevent importation of the Corona virus in A&N Islands. Also, the Chief Secretary directed the concerned to augment the intensive IEC activities in these Islands for threat perception through various media. It was directed to ensure mandatory declaration by travelers who have history of traveling in 14 countries notified by GoI. If need be, the declaration should also be taken from all passengers coming to Andaman & Nicobar Islands through flights and ships.
     The Chief Secretary has further appealed to the general public to avoid fake news and not to create panic and clear all the doubts by calling the call center or visiting the nearest health institution and obtain support of the Health Authorities in airport and port.
      Earlier, the Chief Secretary was appraised of the background of the disease and the steps being taken by A&N Administration to prevent the infection of virus by Dr. Avijit Roy, Nodal Officer (COVID-19). He was further appraised about the home isolation undertaken by Health Department of the persons having history of travel to China after 15.01.2020 and other Countries put under restrictions.
    In the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, 170 persons were/are under home observation. Among them 04 are tourists who migrated out and 02 Indian students completed their 14 days Home Isolation and have no symptoms, hence, released from observation. It was informed that presently 160 defense personnel who have the history of travelling from Thailand (Phuket) are under observation. The Defense Medical Team is keeping observation on them. One defense person has developed symptoms of cold, body pain and fever and he was kept under Hospital Observation in Defense Hospital. The Patient got tested from KIMS Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research, Chennai and tested negative. The patient is now stable and has been discharged from the Hospital and is now under observation at home. One Indian student with history of travelling back from Italy and 02 Italian Nationals are under observation and all are in good health and have no symptoms till date. 02 Samples have been sent for testing, out of which results of all the samples came as negative.

Earthquakes in India at three-year high in 2019


New Delhi, Mar 04: The Indian subcontinent has suffered some of the deadliest earthquakes globally, with more than 60% of its land area prone to shaking of intensity VII and above
A total of 768 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 and above were located by the National Seismological Network from 2017 to January 31, 2020 according to a response to a question in the Rajya Sabha this week.
There were 226 earthquakes in 2017, 203 in 2018, and 309 earthquakes in 2019. Earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above nearly doubled from 78 in 2018 to 159 in 2019, the response from the Union Earth Sciences Ministry revealed.
India has been grouped into four seismic zones, that is, Zone II, III, IV and V. Zone V is considered to be the most seismically active, while Zone II is the least so.
The Indian subcontinent has suffered some of the deadliest earthquakes globally, with more than 60% of its land area prone to shaking of intensity VII and above on the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale.
Extremely vulnerable
The Himalayan belt is particularly susceptible to earthquakes exceeding 8.0 magnitude, with Jammu and Kashmir considered extremely vulnerable. The Indian plate consists of India and Pakistan and the vast Eurasian tectonic plates that comprise Europe, Russia and most of the Middle East. The Himalayas are a result of the collision of these plates, and because the Indian plate moves northwards into the Eurasian plate a few centimetres every year, this has led to a build-up of a lot of strain, that scientists say, has not been adequately released. A study published in the journal Nature Communications, in 2019, says that moderate earthquakes, that is less than 7 magnitude, may in fact be adding strain and priming the region for a massive quake greater than 8.5 magnitude. Though such a quake is imminent, scientists are not able to say when such a quake is likely.
Active faults
There are over 66 active faults in India, with the Himalayan belt, extending for 2,400 km, itself dissected by 15 major active faults. The Indo-Gangetic and Brahmaputra Plains have 16 tectonically active faults, while Peninsular India is marked with around 30 neo-tectonic faults.

SI Shaji Mathew, good Samaritans save life of a youth at Nayagaon

Port Blair, Mar 3: An accident took place on March 03, 2020 at Nayagaon junction in which a two-wheeler rider on the way to Chakkargaon on a scooty bearing Regn. No. AN01-N 7844, lost his balance and fell down on the road. At the same time, a truck bearing Regn. No. AN01-K 8618 coming from opposite direction rolled over the right hand of the victim resulting in heavy loss of blood and grievous injuries.
Many bystanders and commuters were present during the time of accident but no one came forward to help the victim who was in unconscious condition due to heavy bleeding. During the time, SI Shaji Mathew of A&N Police who was on his way for duty, immediately rushed to the spot and found the victim struggling for his life. Without wasting any time, he shifted the victim in a private vehicle with the help of some members of the public to G.B. Pant Hospital and thereafter he cleared the traffic jam.
Due to timely intervention of SI Shaji Mathew alongwith other Good Samaritans the precious life of a youth was saved.
The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has already issued a specific direction to encourage Good Samaritans and bystanders to come forward to help the road accident victims and also defined that Police or other agencies will not make any compulsion on the Samaritans for giving statements or to assist them. The guideline says that a bystander or Good Samaritans including eyewitness of a road accident may take the injured to the nearest hospital and he or she shall be allowed to leave immediately. The guidelines make it clear that the good Samaritans will not be liable for any civil and criminal liability.

Citizens Corner : 27/02/2020

* The Security Service staffs at GB Pant Hospital gate at night hours are being in fly mode. They allow vehicles of doctors, and their self interested friends only to enter the gateway to wards. A girl child (patient) unfortunately going through dialysis from past two months and also admitted in GB Pant Hospital, when her father (media person) asked the security staff to allow him inside, the staff use to say just park your vehicle and go by walk. The security staff especially at gate is becomes mighty at nights except for doctors and his close known friends.

* The Municipal Council Secretary is doing tremendous efforts to make clear the dues of domestic and commercial water connections in the city. Apart from that, he shall also look into government establishment as govt. quarters, etc. and also should direct to survey on illegal water connections in city. As the summer is coming, and PBMC also started reduction in supply of water to it's consumers i.e. once in three days. Seems, Jal Shakti Abhiyan was a flop show and Jal in the Dhannikhari Dam is getting down.

* What is the reason in city from past these days behind crimes in fearless manner? "Murders" is a term, the islanders heard very less in the early in A&N Islands, but, as of now the term became a frequently hearing term may be due to fearlessness about Law, Jail, Punishment or other reason. In many cases, one person committing/ involving in theft, bootlegging, or other crimes again and again despite gone through police custody earlier is shocking and remain a puzzle among citizens' mind.

* Private medicals says, before treatment 'come we will treat you the best', and when they notice any uneasy, or they think that's enough at a later stage. Private clinics will kick you off from their property and suggest you to go for govt. hospitals. Private clinics also maintain their influence secretly to remain their name at heights.

Women Help Line-181

Port Blair, Feb 12: The Directorate of Social Welfare will be operating Women Help Line-181 from Quarter No JG-6, Type V, Junglighat near AYUSH Hospital and provides immediate and integrated assistance to women in distress 24 hours. Any women affected by violence both in public and private space can avail assistance by dialing toll free number 181 or 230504.